Hirsutism Definition: What Is Hirsutism?

What is hirsutism?

Women with hirsutism have a male hair. In places where normally no hair growth in women, these women have hair: on their upper lip, the chin, their breasts, their bellies, their thighs and their backs. Hirsutism often begins in puberty. Hirsutism is common.

Most women are ashamed for this very excessive hair growth. Especially on facial hair, many women ugly.

To excessive hair growth is fortunately much to do. First it is important to discover the cause. Have you hirsutism? Make an appointment with your GP. The doctor finds out where in the excessive hair growth originates. When necessary, they will send you to a specialist. She also discusses the various treatment options with you.
You can do something by the hair bleaching, waxing, plucking or shaving it. You do not have to worry about the hair come back worse after removal. That is a myth.

 In places where normally no hair growth in women Hirsutism Definition: What Is Hirsutism?

What causes hirsutism?

Hirsutism can have different causes:
  1. You make too many male hormones. For example, you have polycystic ovary syndrome.
  2. You swallow drugs for the transition or endometriosis. Hirsutism is a side effect of these medications.
  3. You respond hypersensitive to normal levels of male hormones produced by your body. The cause of hirsutism is most common.

Treatment of hirsutism

The treatment of hirsutism depends on the cause. If it appears that you are sensitive to male hormones will receive prescribed medications. This may be the Dianepil or any other contraceptive pill. Often you get an additional hormone medication with. Please note that some months before the drugs take effect. The treatment lasts about two years. When hair growth is less, you can slowly reduce the medication. In some women, the hair come back unfortunately again once they have stopped taking the medication.

You can also do something about the excessive hair growth. You can bleach the hair, shaving, waxing, plucking or treating with special depilatory creams. This can also be done by a beautician.

Another possibility is to let the electric hair epilation by a skin therapist. With a thin needle pricks the skin therapist in the hair follicle and then they move energized the needle. The hair root and let this go. The disadvantage of electric epilation is that it takes much time. Also, most people find that it hurts. Sometimes the hair after a couple of years ago. The treatment is only reimbursed if you have supplementary insurance.

Another method that gives good results, treatment with the flash light. This treatment is less painful than electrical epilation. The dermatologist or skin therapist can also quickly large pieces of skin deal with. Unfortunately, the method is not as effective at blonde hair growth. This treatment also will be reimbursed only from the supplementary insurance.

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