What Is A Virgo

Mayang (medicine)

Virgo is the name for a girl or a woman who has had no sexual intercourse. Although sometimes someone of the male gender is meant, it is called rather a boy.

In other, non-Abrahamic cultures and other times, Virgin rather the meaning of ' the woman who herself belongs '. Often unmarried from choice, in denominational cultures even necessarily unmarried. Examples are the shieldmaiden in Nordic and Germanic pre-Christian cultures, Joan of Arc the Virgin of Orleans, Queen Elizabeth I of England the Maiden or Virgin Queen and the Indian Virgin-goddess Durga, whose epithet "Unapproachable" is. In this sense it is irrelevant whether they in ' medical ' phrase ' deflowered ' were or not.


In many cultures and religions, including Christian churches within Protestantism and Catholicism, but also in islam and other religions, is a great importance attached to the virginity of the man and/or the woman at the wedding. In many cultures, however, double standards between men and women: where women are expected to chaste life and no sex before marriage, many men have their first sexual experience before marriage or at a prostitute on. A woman who has had sexual intercourse before marriage is often seen as unchaste , unclean, a slut or a afgelikte sandwich. Even when a woman has lost her virginity involuntarily by a rape, she is often stigmatized. In some cultures are believed to the rape itself has provoked, she disowned as shame for the family, or forced to marry her rapist. Some couples do for the wedding to anal sex in order to preserve the virginity until after the marriage.


Is sometimes wrongly assumed that the existence of a hymen can prove the virginity of the wife. The name also suggests that the film is concerned, instead of a lining tissue, that at the first penetration would always bleeding. Can a torn hymen, however, all are by non-sexual activities, such as sports or an ugly fall from a bicycle. In many cultures the bloodied sheets after the wedding night as evidence of virginity (Deuteronomy 22: 14-17), and is a woman who does not bleed seen as someone who already have had sex before marriage and thus as unchaste. To avoid problems, the woman often a small bottle with animal blood than they cast during the community on the sheet. Other untrue allegations that Virgin less lying or another body odor, that their vagina tighter is one of the ontmaagdende, or that sexual intercourse is not pregnant can be. Some women dare not to use tampons and not to masturbate (especially not with tools like dildos), for fear that their vagina is less tight or the hymen cheergirl.

Sexual revolution

The sexual revolution has had a major impact on the perception of virginity. Through better sex education, many untrue stories, particularly among young people worldwide eradication. The role of religion chastity, virginity and sex advocated for having children was reduced. In addition, protective and contraceptives such as the pill and the condom more and more accepted, making sex more and more was something to enjoy without worrying about possible consequences. This was less hard done about virginity and premarital sex, and it became increasingly more common that they had one or more sexual relationships before marriage. The age of the first sexual experience will show a downward demam isu in developed countries.

This makes virginity among young people in countries where the sexual revolution is sometimes penetrated even seen as something for which we are ashamed. Sexual experience is often seen as a step towards adulthood. Many young people and even adults therefore lie about the age of their virginity or pretend not to be a virgin more while it still be there. On the other hand, there is also a counter movement noticeable: one finds intercourse something that should be reserved for true love and that people not only there and only needs to start with social pressure from friends. Some people do not like the idea when the partner has already had a lot of sexual relationships. Others warn of possible consequences such as STDs and unwanted pregnancy. Furthermore, from evangelical corner doing virginity pledges encouraged by which one promises to delay intercourse until marriage.


The first sexual intercourse, also called "first time", is also the defloration or defloratie. This term is used for men and women. Both voluntary and involuntary penetration of the penis into the vagina are seen as defloration.

Although the first time very particular is seen, it is usually not very pleasant experience. Not only one of the partners or both has no experience with sex, but the partners have not yet sexually attuned. By the nerves, the excitement often the vagina or the penis is not wet enough stiff, whereby the penetration difficult or painful expires.

The age at which one loses virginity differs by sex and by country. Ages vary widely by sometimes only 11 or 12 to (far) above 30 years of age. There is research on 15-year-olds in 24 countries. It would show that 23.3% of the Dutch boys and 20.5% of the Dutch girls not a Virgin anymore. Netherlands is by no means a leader, that his Ukraine for the guys with 47.1% and England for the girls with 39.9%. Spain at the rear are guys with 17.2% and Macedonia at the girls with 2.7%. A survey by UNICEF in 2001 gave the result that in 10 of the 12 countries surveyed more than two-thirds the virginity lost for the 20th anniversary. According to play Kro's the walk is 2% of the people over 30 years still a Virgin. Is being about the age at which the defloration takes place gejokt very regularly, even in surveys, because in many developed countries sure ashamed to be deflowered, while one late in traditional cultures prefer not to admit to have had sex before marriage. The reliability of this kind of surveys as a result often leave much to be desired.

Virginity tests

Women and girls are sometimes subjected to virginity tests by their families or (future) laws, based on the assumption that virginity can be easily demonstrated by a physician or by a non-medically trained person. Virginity can not figure out medically, except in cases of rape or sexual abuse in young children, what is clear traces can leave.

In fact, there are two tests, both based on faulty assumptions.
  • Testing for the presence of an intact hymen or hymen;
  • The testing of the tightness of the vagina, by stabbing several fingers into the vagina. It is often assumed that a virgin finger still succeed but not two. When this is the case it is assumed that the woman is therefore no longer a virgin.
There are also men and family members 'screen' the bride, possibly with the help of a private detective. This can commit investigation into possible relationships in the past or visit a clinic for a hymen repair.

The reliability of these vaginal test is nil. A hymen may be absent or already torn by non-sexual activities. The tightness of the vagina is not a reliable indicator, as some women simply smaller and tighter vaginas than others. Vaginas are elastic and can even after a birth again be as tight as with the first community. In addition, non-sexual activities such as sports here increase the elasticity of the vagina. Still, some doctors give in Islamic countries against their better judgment certificates of virginity down, probably partly to protect the girls, partly because they get paid.

The British government had immigrant women undergo a virginity test the assumption that the statements of virgins were more reliable. In 1979, the Guardian published about how the government lose face living and abolish this policy.

Virginity tests are considered highly controversial and unethical. Women and girls undergo these tests often against their will and under heavy social pressure, and see this as demeaning. The practice is contrary to the principle of privacy and inviolability of the body. Moreover, the fact that only women and not men be subjected seen this as hypocritical.

Virginity fraud

Under virginity fraud includes everything one that a woman or girl proof of virginity produces while it is no more. Because it is assumed in many cases virginity on controversial arguments, it is possible that a woman wrongly as a non-virgin is labeled and must manufacture them "proof". This can be done by:
  • Surgical operations to repair the hymen or make the vagina tighter.
  • Taking a vial of blood on the wedding night on the sheet is cast during intercourse.

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