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What Is Panic Disorder?

What is panic disorder? people with panic disorder have panic attacks: attacks of intense fear and tension. They come very suddenly and often without provocation.
People have the feeling of losing control of himself, fainting, dying or going crazy. They sweating, trembling and gasping for breath. Also palpitations, chills, chest pain, dry mouth and nausea are characteristics of a panic attack.

 people with panic disorder have panic attacks What Is Panic Disorder?

Have you had a few of these kinds of attacks and you are very afraid of the next? Then you probably have a panic disorder. A panic disorder is one of the anxiety disorders.

It is obvious that someone from panic attacks try to avoid frightening situations. This is called panic disorder with agoraphobia. Panic disorder also often occurs simultaneously with depression.

Panic Complaints can deal with cognitive behavioral therapy. When you receive cognitive behavioral therapy and relaxation exercises can be situations that increasingly difficult. Cognitive behavior therapy for panic disorder can also be followed on the internet.

In severe panic disorder, a treatment with antidepressants and cognitive behavioral therapy is recommended. In a panic disorder with depression are antidepressants best to start with.

Panic disorder usually begins between the 25th and 30th year. In the Netherlands, four in 100 people suffer from it (had).

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