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What Is Medical Informatics ( Mi )

Medical Informatics (MI) is a field of medicine that deals with computer applications in medicine. The discipline arose from the need to address questions regarding information in medicine so that they can be solved by computing methods.


Medical Informatics is an emerging discipline that consists of the study, inventions and implementations of certain structures and algorithms to improve communication, understanding and management of medical information. The purpose of Biomedical Informatics is the merging of data, knowledge and the necessary tools to be able to use this data and knowledge in the decision at the time and place that the decisions should be taken.

When considering the scientific field, additional issues to be taken into account when defining and core of the discipline, the resulting scientific activities and applications.

The field is an empirical science that studies the facts and laws prepares and tests. The study domain, the area from which the observations are made is medicine. This is its operation in general, and the medical action in particular.

Considered as an activity is the essence of the study and produced new knowledge on the subject. A medical information seeks understanding magnification, definition and transfer of the acquired knowledge of the discipline. Study Subject is the role of the information, its structure, its behavior laws and the influence on the operation of the medicine and the determination thereof. The scientist who incurs the observations of the formation and use of medical information, brings structure, documents and analyzes and makes explicit the relationship between existing and new medical knowledge.

Need for science

First and foremost, it can be said that this knowledge is important because there are a lot of data of patients in the medical world that may be needed in order to assist them in certain situations / rescue. But to have all this information available, there is an efficient collaboration or merger required of the various departments. This may simply be illustrated with an example: Suppose a patient has a heart attack and goes to the emergency room, it is important that there is not any information about this patient. It can eg. Contain blood analysis, blood type, he has certain diseases, he takes certain medications, and so on. In order to realize this is a computer system needed a database that the various departments (neurobiology, cardiology, radiology, etc.) can be used.

Another reason that makes this important science is that doctors do more and more research using new technologies. An example of this is a simple CT-scan which makes it possible to view 3D in the brains. This is also where many IT knowledge and technologies useful to give a true and beautiful image. The study that deals with this is digital imaging. But it is logical that medical knowledge is required to understand what the image shows.

Thanks to the interdisciplinary progress of Medical Informatics, the medical community save more and more patients and cure. The technology has evolved so well that the doctor instead of cure concerns prevent the diseases and health problems. Thus we see that cure more patients with prevention and be saved, where the technology and computer science will have a major impact. This can be illustrated with reference to an example: A patient has cancer, the faster the cancer can be detected, the lower the risk that the patient is walking. So it is important that the two sciences work together to invent new technologies that work more preventively. A technology that is currently being worked on is the use of ZigBee aliance which can be injected using nanotechnology substances in the blood vessels that can deliver information to the doctor. Thus, patients will be notified with poor blood pressure if their blood pressure is too high / low or patients with diabetes to be notified when they need to take insulin.


The acquired knowledge of the information in the medical practice is reflected in a more scientific medical practice. The findings are used to develop improved protocols, supporting methodical collection and recording of medical data, designing targeted search techniques that can make optimal use of medical databases and by using valid reasoning forms that can lead to informed medical decisions.

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