What Is A Gastric Grup Musik ?

A gastric grup band is an agent that is applied to (severe) obesity and eating disorders. The tape is applied to the top of the stomach, in order to get a rather feel full. This makes it easier to eat less.


The placement of the gastric grup band is a laparoscopic, minimally invasive, surgical. The gastric grup band is placed around the top of the stomach, creating a mini-gastric here over existing stomach with a capacity of about 1 to 2 tablespoons, similar to a gastric bypass but without the physical separation. Alternatively, a gastric reduction can also be carried out but it is preferred in general, the gastric band.

The current generation of gastric bands is without surgical intervention, if desired, to suit. For example, the grup band can be increased by means of a subcutaneous injection port mounted, or reduced in size.


Generally a gastric grup band is placed only as a last option. Finally, the stomach itself is not responsible for the (morbid) obesity. One advantage is that the placement of a gastric grup band is rarely permanent and thus can be removed without damage. A number of reasons why the gastric grup band as an option could be considered (on top of the (morbid) obesity):

-increased risk of type II diabetes;
-incipient degeneration of joints (arthritis), particularly in the hips and knees;
-(beginning) of thrombus formation, with negative prognosis;
-dysfunction (known) diet methods.


A gastric grup band will not be placed, in principle, if the patient meets one or more of the following conditions:

-Psychiatric disorder;
-Pregnant at the time of surgery;
-Cardiac risk;
-Anesthetic risk.


Pregnancy is possible, even if you have a gastric band; However, it should be explicitly stated when visiting the gynecologist that the patient has a gastric band. A possible adjustment in the diet or to the gastric grup band itself (filling or slacking) are among the possibilities.


As with any surgery, there are of course risks and possible increased chances of (severe) disorders. For information about the risks -at this ingreep- are, at the time of writing, no figures available in public sources, consult your doctor or surgeon. A permanent increased risk in laparoscopic surgery, including placing a gastric band, there is the following disorders:

-Inflammation, including pneumonia, and inflammation of the surgical wound;
-Scar rupture;
-Puffiness possible with effusion;
-(Internal) bleeding.

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