What Is A Dermatologist?

A dermatologist is a doctor who has specialised in skin diseases, and therefore also often skin doctor called. A dermatologist is concerned with disorders of the skin, the nails and the hair, called skin diseases ' together '. Also Diagnostics and treatment of venereal diseases (vene rheology) is traditionally at the specialty, that often officially with dermato-vene rheology is referred to.

The skin doctor needs except for specific skin diseases also know many kinds of interior, immunological and rheumatic diseases which often occur skin symptoms. Important issues in dermatology eczema, psoriasis and malignant skin tumors which the 'big three' basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. Another focus of the dermatologist is phlebology either vein skill. It focuses on the treatment of varicose veins and heart diseases of the skin caused by the malfunctioning of these veins, as an "open leg" or "leg ulcers.

 is a doctor who has specialised in skin diseases What is a dermatologist?

The skin doctor performed most diagnostics by very systematic and focused look at the differences. The resulting information is supplemented by the history (what the patient about the origin and course of the deviation can tell) and special studies, such as dermatoscopy, proofs, and microscopic examination of biopsies of the skin. Pattern recognition Ning plays an important role in the diagnosis; the number of skin diseases described in the thousands.

Many skin diseases by the patient as embarrassing and disfiguring experienced and can form a heavy psychological burden. The dermatologist should be able to explain to the patient what is going on and motivate the often intensive treatment rules (very regular smear with creams, etc.) faithfully follow to get a good result.

There are about 450 physicians in the Netherlands registered as a dermatologist. The specialization course (the pelatihan of general practitioners to dermatologist) lasts 5 years. Including pelatihan for doctors so 11 years. There are approximately 149 doctors in pelatihan to become a dermatologist (2012).

In Belgium takes medical education 7 years and the additional specialization lasts four years, including 11 years.

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