What Is Dandy Walker Syndrome Symptoms?

What Is Dandy Walker Syndrome?

People with Dandy-Walker syndrome have various abnormalities in their brains:
  1. The small brains are not well developed.
  2. There's a cyst (bladder) in the fourth brain room. Sometimes the cyst is so great that the cerebrospinal fluid is not sized passable. This creates a water main.
  3. The other ventricles are larger than normal.
  4. Sometimes there is no corpus callosum. The two hemispheres may not work well together.
By brain disorders, people with Dandy-Walker syndrome usually many problems. Especially moving is difficult. But it also happens that someone has few complaints.

Half of the people has a mental disability. Sometimes there are other symptoms such as trouble breathing, seizures, congenital heart defects or cleft lip.

Dandy-Walker syndrome is very rare. The pediatrician sets diagnosed with an ultrasound, sometimes before birth. She also makes a CT scan or an MRI scan. Then you can see the clear brain abnormalities.
There are hereditary and non-hereditary forms of Dandy-Walker syndrome.

The syndrome is not curable. Only some of the symptoms, the doctor can do something.
It is important that children with Dandy Walker syndrome good physiotherapy.

Walker syndrome have various abnormalities in their brains What Is Dandy Walker Syndrome Symptoms?

What Is Dandy Walker Syndrome Symptoms?

Symptoms associated with Dandy-Walker syndrome include:
  1. slow development (late sitting, walking, etc.);
  2. jerky walk;
  3. balance disorders;
  4. spasticity;
  5. hydrocephalus;
  6. a great mind;
  7. epilepsy;
  8. sleep apnea;
  9. abnormal breathing;
  10. Swooping eyes.
About half of the people has a mental disability. Sometimes people with Dandy-Walker syndrome also:
  1. polycystic kidney disease;
  2. congenital heart disease;
  3. cleft lip and palate;
  4. extra fingers and / or toes or fused vingens and / or toes;
  5. cataracts;
  6. deterioration of the retina of the eyes.
But it also happens that someone has very few symptoms.

Dandy Walker syndrome Treatment

Healing of the Dandy-Walker syndrome is not possible. The doctors can only treat the symptoms.
  1. At a water main will get your child one or more tubes in his head to drain excess cerebrospinal fluid. The tubes you should regularly have it checked at the specialist. They may not become clogged.
  2. The cyst doctors can unfortunately not evict it. Around the cyst are major blood vessels. The risk that the surgeon touches such a blood vessel in the operation is great. Therefore, it is not possible to operate the cyst.
  3. Does your child epilepsy than get the medications. Thus are the symptoms usually well under control.
  4. For moving physical therapy is important. By many game, your child will get stronger muscles. Also helps physical therapy against muscle cramps.
  5. The mental you can stimulate your child's development with vroeghulp (for example, small steps).

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