What Is A Chalazion And How To Treat A Chalazion?

What is a chalazion?

A chalazion is a hard lump in the eyelid. It arises because a Sebaceous Gland in the eyelid is clogged. The sebum can then no longer go out and accumulates. This creates a swelling.
Sometimes the clogging of the Sebaceous Gland by a long-term inflammation of the eyelid edge. In most cases, the cause is unknown.

A chalazion arises in the eyelid. That is the difference with a stye. The swelling at the edge of the eyelid. The eye doctor can see whether you have a stye or a chalazion. Before that, she flips your eyelid out.

If there is dirt at a chalazion, then can a bacterial inflammation. The eyelid is red and hurts.

With warm compresses sometimes succeed in the nodule. Then crack open the nodule and disappears.
Go to the eye doctor if the chalazion does not disappear within six weeks. She gets the nodule with a minor surgery road.

 A chalazion is a hard lump in the eyelid What is a chalazion and How to treat a chalazion?

How to treat a chalazion?

Sometimes a chalazion disappears by itself. The nodule crack open and the oil comes out.
Otherwise, you can treat the eye with warm compresses. Baptism a washcloth or a clean handkerchief in hot water. Put these two times a day for fifteen minutes on your eye. Probably crack the nodule after several days open. You can then empty the nodule.

Was the chalazion inflamed? Then your doctor may prescribe eye drops or eye ointment to treat the eye after.

The chalazion does not disappear within six weeks, then you can let it away. The eye doctor numbs the eyelid and flips it out. She makes a small incision in the nodule. The content can come out.

The incision on the inside of your eyelid. You hold no visible scar.
After surgery, you will get a bandage on your eye. This should be left up to 24 hours.

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