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What Is Anencephaly In Babies ?

Anencephaly is a neural tube defect, a condition that occurs in the neural tube during embryonic development. From this tube occurs later the nervous system. In anencephaly closes the top of the neural tube is not good. This can result in a reduced development of the brains. Sometimes these develop at all. Usually the brainstem is developed but lacks the cerebrum (the big brains).


Any form of anencephaly is a fatal condition. The babies are stillborn or die soon after birth. Usually after a few hours, sometimes a few days. There is a case where the baby three years has become.

Diagnosis of Anencephaly

The diagnosis of anencephaly may already be pregnant. This can be done by means of:


Anencephaly Treatment

There is no treatment for babies with anencephaly and one will almost never take aggressive resuscitation attempts, as there is no chance that the child would ever lead a conscious existence. Instead, they provide hydration and nutrition. Some physicians believe that this is clinically pointless and it is better to let nature take its course.


Disease appears according to research to be more common in female babies.

What causes anencephaly ?

There is still disagreement about the cause of anencephaly. Genetically follow neural tube defects no direct pattern, although there is little evidence that it is hereditary. Known that certain medications, such as epilepsy and diabetes increase the risk. A woman is at increased risk of having a child with a neural tube defect is usually offered genetic counseling.

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