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What Is Anal Itching ?

Anal itching is itching in and around the anus. By a burning or itching sensation you have the need to scratch. Scratching makes the itching or redness around the anus often worse. Anal itching can not hurt. However, anal itching can be very troublesome, for example, in company with others. Even at night, you can suffer from the anal itching.

Anal itching is common. The medical term for anal itching is pruritus ani.

What can you do with anal itching yourself ?

Hygiene is very important. Make sure the anus clean and dry if you've been to the toilet. Note the following:

*Do not use wet toilet where alcohol or perfume in it.
*Do not wipe but pat the anus dry.
*Was not the anus with soap.
*Do not use ointments or creams which it is unclear whether it is equipped with irritants. Consultation as necessary with your doctor if you plan to use. An ointment or cream
*Preferably wear cotton underwear and clothing that is not too tight.
*Zinc Ointment can reduce pruritus.

How is anal itching ?

Itching in or around the anus can have different causes:

*There may be relief on the anus or the skin around it stay put. Doing so can cause irritated skin and can grow mold or bacteria easier. This gives itching and redness.
*The area around the anus may be too humid. This may be through the use of moist toilet paper, do not dry properly, sweating or underwear that is not enough ventilation.
*Soap can make the skin around the anus too dry. Also, too dry skin can itch.
*Hemorrhoids or anal fissures can also cause itching in the anus. (Besides pain)
*Worms like ass maggots are a common cause of anal itching that occurs mainly in children.
*Chemicals such as perfume in moist toilet paper and certain components of creams or ointments can irritate the anus and the skin around it.
*Scratching can make itching in the anus or worse to take longer.

Medications for anal itching

In addition to good hygiene medications can sometimes help reduce the symptoms. Anal itching In addition, some medications away from causes of anal itching. Depending on the cause, your doctor can prescribe different medications:

*If you have an infection with a bacteria or fungus, the doctor can treat it with antibiotic cream or antifungal cream.
*In severe skin irritation and redness, the doctor can prescribe an anti-inflammatory cream.
*When you suffer from hemorrhoids or anal fissures, the GP can handle this.
*When worms anti worm treatment can help. This treatment is available without a prescription at the pharmacy.

When to contact the GP for anal itching ?

Go not about your symptoms? Please contact your GP. Your family doctor can often easily see what is the cause of anal itching.

Also, contact your health care provider if you have pain in the anus. This may suggest a hemorrhoid or a anus tear.

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