What Is Amyloidosis Disease ?

Amyloidosis is a condition in humans and animals which is characterized by the accumulation of amyloid. Amyloidosis is characterized by extracellular deposition of gila proteins in fibrillar structures. The stack may be limited to one or a few organs or tissues (local amyloidosis), but can also occur generalized (systemic amyloidosis).
Given the name, one would think that an amyloid starch (amylum) resembling carbohydrate. However, that is not so. Amyloid is a protein. The agreement with starch is that it can be colored with iodine.

Amyloidosis Causes

In many cases of amyloidosis the exact cause is not known. Immunological disorders often play a role in the formation / accumulation of amyloid.

-In humans and animals is often a side effect of chronic inflammatory processes such as (human) tuberculosis or Besnier-Boeck; also other chronic infections can lead to the disease. The inflammatory processes can be primary or secondary.
-Additionally amyloidosis can occur in certain tumors, for example tumors arising in plasma cells (in people with multiple myeloma).
-Amyloidosis can occur without preceding diseases / disorders occur.
-It can also develop secondary to the Crohn's disease, and can lead to renal failure.
-There will also be hereditary forms of amyloidosis, such as for HCHWA-D.


There is no specific therapy for the removal of the stacked amyloid. Therapeutic interventions can only focus on treating any occurring with amyloidosis associated disease processes.

Examples of amyloidosis in animals

-Renal Amyloidosis in cattle.
-Joint Amyloidosis in laying hens.
-Generalized amyloidosis in Peking ducks.
-Nodular cutaneous amyloidosis and nasal Nodular amyloidosis in the horse.
-Familial, probably hereditary renal amyloidosis in the Chinese Shar Pei dog.
-Familial systemic amyloidosis in Siamese cats.
-Amyloidosis of the Islets of Langerhans in the pancreas in cats with diabetes mellitus.
-Amyloidosis in various forms of prion disease, for example scrapie in sheep.

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