What Is Acetone Used For ?

What is acetone?

Acetone (also known by the names dimethyl ketone, and DMK propanone) is a colorless liquid that is often used as a solvent (such as nail polish remover in everyday life). It is the simplest organic compound which contains a ketone group.

Acetone is a volatile and flammable liquid. The melting point is at -94.8 ° C and the boiling point is 56.53 ° C. In the laboratory, it is sometimes used to glassware after washing to dry thoroughly (rinse with acetone to remove the water, and then to wait, or by blowing dry air to give a chance to the acetone evaporate).

Although acetone slightly irritating, skin contact is less severe than in many other solvents. Both by its dissolving power for organic substances such as its solubility in water, acetone is well able to penetrate the skin barrier (fat). Optionally present on the skin substances may, therefore, dissolved in acetone, to penetrate the body. Acetone also disinfects. In a person who has diabetes mellitus, in the body can also occur as acetone, which can lead to adverse health effects.


Acetone is normally, directly or indirectly, prepared from propene. The most common industrial production is the cumene:

 is a colorless liquid that is often used as a solvent  What Is Acetone Used For ?

This benzene is alkylated with propylene and there is cumene (isopropylbenzene). The cumene is, in turn, via radical oxidation converted to the intermediate cumene hydroperoxide. This peroxide reacts further to phenol and acetone.

An alternative method for the production of acetone is the Wacker process. Here propylene is oxidized directly with a Pd (II) / Cu (II) catalyst to the formation of acetone.

During the burning of fatty acids by decarboxylation arise ketolichamen. This is one acetoacetate; this substance may spontaneously decay to acetone, which is excreted in the urine or breath. Consequently, it is possible, where the amount of sugar in the blood of a patient's sugar (diabetes) is not adequately controlled, sometimes acetone in his / her breath smell.

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