What Are The Causes Of Bedwetting In Children?

What is bedwetting?

In young children, bedwetting is quite normal. Physicians only see it as a kasus when a child over six years, more than twice a month wetting the bed.

Bedwetting in children is generally because there is something physically. Often the child has simply not learned to wake up at night to urinate. Treatments that work well are:
  1. a bedwetting alarm;
  2. reward your child for every dry night;
  3. your child up at night make to allow urination;
  4. droogbedtraining.
Bedwetting also occurs in adults. About one in every hundred adults suffer from it.

What are the causes of bedwetting in children?

 Physicians only see it as a kasus when a child over six years What Are The Causes Of Bedwetting In Children?

Bedwetting in children is usually not a physical thing. Usually the child just need to learn to wake up when it needs to pee. But why wets one child still in bed when the six and the other not? No one knows the exact answer, but researchers think of the following reasons:
  1. The child is made too early potty trained, or too strict a manner. You should not, for the fourth year starting potty training.
  2. The child is not yet completely used to stay dry at night.
  3. The child experiences a traumatic event, such as divorce or death of a family member. After such an experience, children who were dry for a long time, going back bedwetting.
Bedwetting is not because the child is drinking too much. The child did not do it intentionally.

Signs of a physical cause of bedwetting in children

Bedwetting is rarely a physical cause. But if any of the following things is true for your child, you'd better to go to the doctor. Maybe your child is still an infection or something else:
  1. The lake is cloudy, dark or red.
  2. Your child can never stop the puddle, not even during the day (in children older than five years).
  3. Your child urinates powerful and wide (two meters).
  4. Your child urinates more and droplets.
  5. Your child urinates little (less than four times per 24 hours).
  6. Your child urinates just often (twice an hour).
  7. Urinating hurts.

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