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Treatments And Therapies For Autism

The sooner the diagnosis of autism is made, the faster a treatment can start, allowing the child to develop better. The general ability of the child can thus develop better.

The symptoms and behavior of people with autism depends on person to person. Moreover, the behavior can change over time. It is therefore difficult to diagnose. A treatment is adapted to the individual needs of the patient and the possible family assistance.

 The sooner the diagnosis of autism is made Treatments And Therapies For Autism

What treatments are available for autism?

People with autism need structure in their lives. Parents can therefore receive pembinaan in which they learn to understand aspects of the life of their autistic child. That way they can take it into account, and the child can develop better.

Patients can also receive a behavioral pembinaan in which they learn to help themselves and learn social behavior. This way they can communicate better with others. This is all accompanied by a positive stimulus from the teachers, so that the treatment is more efficient.

The therapy can also sometimes focus on one particular aspect in the patient's life, for example on speaking, the professional or the physical aspect. With speech therapy it is about creating a better language skills. In professional therapy the patient learns to get better information from the senses.

Sometimes a medicine is given to the patient. This medication does not address autism in itself, but only the additional problems and behavior. For example, it can deal with depression, anxiety or hyperactivity.

If the patient has sleep problems, this can be remedied by building up routine. A fixed hour to go to bed and get up helps often already. Only as a simpulan step will the doctor attribute a medicine.

Alternative therapy is not recommended. These are often not scientifically substantiated, and only tied to individual success.

How do you prevent autism?

It is not yet known how autism can be prevented. Some lay a link between vaccinations in childhood and autism. However, this grup band has not yet been scientifically proven. In any case, this should not mean that children are no longer vaccinated. That way the child and the whole society could be in danger.

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