Treatment For Rosacea - What Is Rosacea ?

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a frequent or chronic skin disease, especially in people with light skin.

The disorder is characterized by an erythematous rash (redness) in the face, especially on the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. In some cases, the result is also on the chest, the ears, in the neck or on the hairline. Besides these blotchy redness can telangiectasia, papules and papulopustels (pimples) are visible. Because of these spots the condition is also called acne rosacea, but it has nothing to do with acne.


The condition is most common in people aged 30 to 60 years in Northwest Europe, ie, the Netherlands, Belgium, England, Scotland, Ireland and France. When people of Celtic descent rosacea is the most common. In men than in women develops an advanced stage of the disease. The cause is unknown. Although there is no bacterial cause seems to be it is striking that the most effective treatments nevertheless include locally or systemically administered antibiotics.

 The disorder is characterized by an erythematous rash  Treatment For Rosacea - What Is Rosacea ?

Rosacea treatment and advices

General recommendations for a patient with rosacea include washing with not too hot water, the use of as little as possible soap and the prevention of contact with irritants. Warm (hot) beverages should be avoided. One can apply a daily sunscreen to prevent aggravation of a light-dependent rosacea.

A mild rosacea can be treated by applying to the skin an antibiotic, metronidazole. More severe forms require oral antibiotics, such as tetracycline. The veins, the emergence of telangiectasias, can be treated because of the cosmetically disturbing effect using laser therapy.

The use of spreads containing a corticosteroid is to be stopped, in so far as these are used in the face. This may worsen the rosacea temporarily, but without stopping the corticosteroid-containing ointments and creams, the healing of rosacea is not possible.

For several years are also laser and thermo used as a treatment method. In a thermo treatment with a thin needle into the skin pricked. Next, a radio frequency signal is sent which causes the Rosacea disappear immediately. The treatment is virtually painless and feels like removing hairs. The treatment is usually performed by dermatologists.


A special variant of rosacea is rhinophyma, an irregular swelling of the nose with telangiectasias and large papules, by excessive growth of sebaceous glands, and connective tissue of the nose. This variant occurs almost exclusively in men over 40. Such a nose absolutely not indicate excessive drinking, which the unfortunate sufferers are often blamed.

Another variant is Rosacea (acne rosacea), which also red spots on the face. These red spots caused by growth and expansion in the number of small blood vessels under the skin. Rosacea, however, need not always occur as a result of rosacea. An often-heard theory is that rosacea would be created by excessive alcohol consumption, but it is not known whether this is really the case. Rosacea is itself harmless, but may be associated with other conditions such oogslijmvliesontsteking. One by rosacea affected skin feels tight, and is often very sensitive.

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