Treatment For Hydrocele: Surgery - What Is A Hydrocele?

What is a hydrocele?

A hydrocele is a swelling of the scrotum on one or both sides. Hydroceles are common.

Normally the testicles in a bag with a little moisture. In a hydrocele there is more moisture in the bag. Usually it is not clear why. Sometimes it happens after epididymitis or by accident. Very rarely, testicular cancer is the cause.

A hydrocele is most common in men over 65 years.

A hydrocele does not disappear by itself. But usually it is not necessary to do something about it. A hydrocele usually does not hurt and is not malignant.

Some men do suffer from a hydrocele. They have a feeling of pressure in the scrotum, their clothes are too tight or they find it ugly. Then you can let the hydrocele away. You get a simple operation at the hospital.

 A hydrocele is a swelling of the scrotum on one or both sides Treatment for hydrocele: surgery - What is a hydrocele?

Treatment for hydrocele: surgery

You can remove the hydrocele with surgery. You will need to one day to the hospital.

If you are using blood thinning medications? Report this well before the surgery your doctor. With these medications, you will need to stop temporarily. Your doctor will tell you when.

Before surgery, you sober. That means that as of 12 midnight not allowed to eat or drink.

Before surgery begins a nurse shaves the hair of your scrotum. You can do this yourself at home.

The nurse will pick you up for the operation. You will get an epidural. The doctor makes an incision in your scrotum and takes a small tube the fluid path. He attaches the incision with dissolvable sutures. You will gauze around the wound. The operation takes about half an hour.

After surgery, you will go to the day care department. The nurse tells you when you can go home.

The gauze should remain two days. Then you should remove them and you can shower again. Sometimes there is bruising around the wound. The wound pain can do. The bruise goes away. The pain you can take paracetamol. Do you get a fever above 38.5 °? Please contact the hospital.

The first ten days after the operation you should take it easy. Do not lift heavy things and do not go cycling or swimming.

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