Trauma And Injury Recovery

A trauma is the medical term for an accident. It does not say anything about how bad the injury is. It is a wide group of injuries, such as skin injuries, contusions and fractures in the face.

 A trauma is the medical term for an accident Trauma And Injury Recovery

Trauma And Injury Treatment

Fractures in the face make the face swell. The swelling will slowly decrease three days after the accident and / or the operation. This swelling causes discomfort during eating. The food requires time and effort. After the operation we advise you to use soft food. The nurse helps you with food. If your jaws are locked together, use liquid food.

If you are in pain, you can report this to the nurse. She can give painkillers in consultation with the doctor. The first day after the operation it is advisable to take it easy, from the second day you will feel a lot better.

After the operation, control pictures are often taken to view the result of the operation.

Recovery of trauma and Injuries with surgery

The starting point is recovery of function and appearance. Usually this means that the injury must be treated with an operation. The goal of the operation is to restore the natural situation. In the treatment of facial trauma with surgery, we use the latest techniques. For example, during the operation we sometimes use computer navigation and during the operation we can make x-rays of the bones (CT scan).
With so-called three-dimensional techniques, the surgeon can see more than with only his eyes. This allows him to work more accurately and we can better predict the outcome. Especially in the recovery operations of residual problems after previous operations these techniques are very valuable.

Your possible operation comes unexpectedly. It is therefore often not possible to give you a time at which the operation will take place. There is a list in the surgery department for patients who fall outside the normal schedule. This list is for patients from all departments, not only from the jaw surgery. As soon as your operation is known, you will hear this from the nurse.

It is very important that your stomach is empty during the operation. Therefore, you must remain sober from the moment that this is said to you. Staying sober means that you are not allowed to eat, drink or smoke. Unfortunately, the operation is sometimes delayed until the next day. This can happen even if you have been sober for a long time. In consultation with the doctor, you may sometimes eat or drink in the meantime.

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