Tips For A Healthier Teeth, Prevent Cavities

Everyone would like to have a healthy and beautiful teeth. There are some tips that keep your teeth can be healthier. It is even possible to avoid holes again to heal and prevent bleeding gums!

Everyone knows them well the General tips to keep your teeth healthy. A few times a day brushing your teeth, FLOSS, not too acidic food and then eat too much sugar and especially not equal shine.
But beyond these general rules, there are a number of other tips that your teeth can improve clearly.
  • Oil pulling
  • Coconut Oil
  • Itself make toothpaste
  • Gums
  • Vitamin A and D
  • Sugars
 Everyone would like to have a healthy and beautiful teeth Tips For A Healthier Teeth, Prevent Cavities

Oil pulling
Oil gear is already better known in Netherlands. And it's a super simple way to keep your teeth healthier. And whiten your teeth by there! The only thing you have to do is take some oil in your mouth for a while to rinse your mouth. Though spitting out after, because sitting up all kinds of toxins in the oil. Also detoxifies your body at one time is a bonus. Your teeth feel very smooth to the touch after oil pullen, a nice feeling.

Coconut Oil
With coconut oil you may want to brush your teeth, they are also whiter by. And there are no added harmful substances, such as those in many toothpastes prevent. You can also very well with coconut oil oil pullen.

Itself make toothpaste
Of coconut oil and baking soda can make you easily set up their own toothpaste. The coconut oil has an antibacterial action and is healing for bleeding gums. The baking soda has a light abrasive effect and makes your teeth nice and smooth. In addition, baking soda is alkaline, so it works deacidification for your teeth.
If you have the taste of toothpaste is missing, you can always add a few drops of peppermint oil by this mixture back do. Of course another oil if you want another taste. Mix everything well with each other and then you can use it so.

You clearly can improve your gums by taking extra vitamin C and/or Q10. So every now and then an orange or just a vitamin C supplement is just fine. In addition, Q10 a well-known substance that among other things helps against bleeding gums.

Vitamin A and D
For more recent years shows that many people have a shortage of vitamin d. What does this have to do with your teeth now, you might ask. Well, quite a lot! Vitamin D prevents among other calcium and phosphorus in your body better absorbed. And everyone knows that calcium is important for your teeth. At a deficiency of vitamin D calcium is not well recorded even though enough of is offered. That loose calcium is then deposited in your body, including your blood vessels (arteriosclerosis), but also on your teeth (Tartar).
At shortages of vitamin A can record your body does not have enough phosphorus. Since you often have enough phosphorus gets inside but this so is not included, it creates ' los floating ' phosphorus. This allows for tooth decay.
Sufficient vitamin A and D is so important for your teeth.

About the sugars and carbohydrates. more and more people come to understand that sugars and carbohydrates not only not good for your teeth, but also unhealthy for the rest of your body. Therefore, it is definitely a good idea to do some more reading about carbohydrate-poor diet. What can you then eat instead of carbohydrates and why is it healthier? Now there are several diets that are based on sugar and carbohydrate poor nutrition. Am thinking among other things to the paleo diet and the diet of Weston Price.

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