The Negative Effects Of A Diet

It is known that many people have a constant battle against overweight. They sometimes lose several pounds to the same weight again soon-or sometimes even more so-to get there again. Be tried out countless diets, from low-fat to carbohydrate-poor and everything in between. The kasus is that diets are often difficult to sustain because you get hungry, have little energy or because you because of your limited food choice hardly still have a social life. Apart from the fluctuations in your weight has this constant struggle have other adverse effects on your body that often go unnoticed.

Stress Hormone
When you continuously to the line are hardly still and your body through healthy diet and sufficient energy can relax, makes your body to a stress hormone. This stress hormone causes your body under constant tension State and makes large amounts of adrenaline smoking. This can have various consequences. First of all, it is known that stress is unhealthy for you. A constant state of stress takes its toll of your body. In addition also the adrenaline glands become exhausted because the body is prompted every time free up adrenaline, until that is no longer possible.

Tired and exhausted
Once the production of adrenaline is exhausted for certain symptoms arise soon. You feel tired, exhausted and dull and hardly still have energy to make something of your day. In addition, you can also often feel dizzy and nauseous, initially without a reason for can think of. These symptoms continue to occur as long as the tension in your body continues.

Other adverse effects
As a result of the release of the stress hormone can have other adverse effects occur. You can think of large hormone fluctuations that hair loss, weight gain and may cause irregularities in your period. This often leads to bigger problems especially in women since women more affected by hormones. At a large stress response of your body quickly exhausted a lot of nutrients. The result is that you have a greater chance on shortages of certain vitamins and minerals.

Also important is that during periods of stress your body after quite some time its own muscles can go "eats up", which can be considered as a natural reaction to survive. Less muscles is especially for those who watch his weight on a major drawback. If you have less muscle mass, and there is therefore less energy you burned more fat storage-not something you wanted to reach with a diet...

The negative consequences of a life pattern with diets are so clear. But what can you do now? For people who want to lose weight it is almost taboo to just keep on with lines. Yet this is precisely the best advice in this kind of situation. Your body needs a recovery period and this is not possible if there is a situation with too much stress. It is important that you eat healthily while you deprive your body nothing. Eat delicious what you want in this period, but do that intentionally. As important as good and plenty of food, is plenty of rest. Your body needs sleep after a long period of tension. A minimum of nine hours per day is therefore highly recommended. It can take several months before your body is restored, only then you can restart following a lifestyle that seeks to lose weight.

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