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The Causes And Treatment Of Bell's Palsy (Facial Paralysis)

What is Facial Paralysis (Bell's Palsy)?

With facial paralysis of the facial nerve is temporarily paralyzed. As a result, do not work the muscles on one side of the face. You get a crooked face. Your mouth hangs down, your eye does not close properly and your cheek is slack. You can not raise your eyebrow.
In severe facial paralysis can talk tough, swallowing and eating.

For example, a facial paralysis can be caused by an ear infection, shingles, or Lyme disease.
Once the disease has disappeared, so does the paralysis.

But in many people the cause of the paralysis is not entirely clear. Doctors call the paralysis of Bell. Probably, the cause of a number of them the herpes simplex virus (the cold sore virus).
The Bell's palsy occurs fairly quickly, within 24 hours. For most people, the symptoms disappear within two months of self.

In some people's facial paralysis is not about. In the elderly and in people with severe paralysis is more likely that they like symptoms. They must learn to live with the symptoms. Through special exercises (mime therapy), they can gain more control over their face. With aging the skin slackens and the paralysis itself is less visible.

 With facial paralysis of the facial nerve is temporarily paralyzed The Causes And Treatment Of Bell's Palsy (Facial Paralysis)

What Causes Facial Paralysis?

Facial paralysis can have different causes:
  1. an ear infection;
  2. damage to the skull;
  3. complications in surgery, for example, at the ear or on the salivary gland;
  4. the shingles virus (herpes zoster);
  5. lyme disease (Lyme disease disease).
Sometimes the facial paralysis is due to a tumor pressing on the facial nerve. The symptoms usually occur very gradually.

In about half of people with facial paralysis, doctors can find no obvious cause. They call it the paralysis of Bell. It is probably the cause of many people to the herpes simplex virus (the cold sore virus). This virus is in the nerve tissue and is actively example, after sitting on the journey, when stress or reduced resistance. The facial nerve becomes inflamed. It swells and becomes clamped. This creates the paralysis.

Finally, it can also cause a stroke, facial paralysis. What is striking is that then you can raise your eyebrow.

Facial Paralysis / Bell's Palsy Treatment

The treatment of facial paralysis depends on the cause. When an ear infection for example, the ENT doctor treats ear infections. Once the ear has healed the paralytic symptoms usually disappear.

If the cause of the failure is not at all obvious? Then you get eye drops in each case to ensure that your eye does not dry out. You also get an eye bandage to cover the night your eye. Because the herpes simplex virus may be the cause, you also get medication. You receive corticosteroids to reduce inflammation. This reduces the swelling down. Some people also receive an agent against the virus.
It is wise to take it several weeks a little quiet. This helps in healing.
For most people, the paralysis disappears within two months.

Disappears the paralysis at all, you can get mime therapy. This therapy you get a speech therapist or a physiotherapist. When mime therapy teaches you how to get more control over your facial expression. You will learn to use the right muscles consciously.

How does the doctor determines that you have facial paralysis?

A doctor can tell from the symptoms that you have facial paralysis. She then refers you to an ear, nose and throat. The ENT specialist examines how facial paralysis occurred. She strives to provide various studies, for example:
  1. a hearing test;
  2. blood and urine tests;
  3. X-ray examination;
  4. research in auditory and vestibular.
The studies are also needed to make sure you do not have another illness.

In order to detect a possible tumor, the physician can make a CT scan or MRI scan.
It may further investigate whether the facial nerve is damaged. This is done with an electrical nerve test. The doctor then stimulates the nerve through the skin.

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