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Testosterone Content Explains Severe Asthma In Women

Women have a greater chance of developing asthma after puberty. Research from an international team of scientists is likely to be twice as big compared to men. They discovered that the testosterone content plays an important role in this. This would trigger the triggering of a specific body of defense in the body, which causes an (allergic) asthma attack.

 Women have a greater chance of developing asthma after puberty Testosterone Content Explains Severe Asthma In Women

Asthma in relation to hormones

Dr. Cyril Seillet and Gabrielle Belz of Melbourne's Walter and Eliza Hall Institute conducted the research with a French research team led by Dr. Jean-Charles Guéry of the Center of Physiology or Toulouse-Purpan.
Seillet: "The role of hormones in relation to asthma has been speculated for a long time. In the case of women, it would affect the severity and the number of cases of asthma. "
For what reason hormones would play a role, there is still uncertainty.

Asthma, testosterone and immune cells

The researchers found that a specific bodyshop cell ILC2s responds to the presence of the hormone testosterone. Weave cells make the body resistant to diseases. Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone that promotes the development of male sexual characteristics. Now it appears that a high testosterone content is found to protect against the development of allergic asthma. How exactly does this fit? The production of the defense cell is reduced due to the presence of testosterone content.
Seillet indicates that less of these asing cells are in the lungs, which causes less severe asthma.

Allergic asthma

An asthma attack causes respiratory problems. This makes it more difficult to breathe. In adults, asthma occurs more often and women are often more violent than men.
In this study, scientists viewed the variant allergic asthma. This would be triggered, among other things, by an allergy to grass pollen. Even in people without asthmatic complaints, such an allergic asthma attack can have a proper impact.

Resistance ILC2s

ILC2's immune cells are located in different organs including the lungs and the skin. On the one hand, they produce inflammatory proteins that can lead to pneumonia. On the other hand, they can be damaged by a reaction to allergens such as pollen, dust mite and cigarette smoke. This may trigger an allergic asthma reaction.

New treatment options for asthma

According to Belz, the result may contribute to the development of new strategies for treating asthma in women.
The research shows a clear gender difference. Through current treatments, it is not always possible to prevent side effects because everyone gets the same medication. Now we can hopefully develop medication that combats the specific immune cells.

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