Symptoms And Treatment Of Tonsillitis In Adults And Children

What is tonsillitis?

Almonds catch bacteria and viruses on and make them harmless. They help to prevent infections in the body. There are many pathogens in the body? Then the almonds work sometimes. The nose-or tonsils than itself inflamed.

Tonsillitis occurs mainly in children. But also adults can get it. Common is that by a virus infection (common cold) or glandular fever. Also a bacterial infection or fungal infection could be the cause.

 Almonds catch bacteria and viruses on and make them harmless Symptoms And Treatment Of Tonsillitis In Adults And Children

Tonsillitis symptoms

Where can someone with tonsillitis suffer from it?
  1. Thick almonds.
  2. The common cold.
  3. Poor sleep.
  4. Breathe through the mouth.
  5. Snoring.
  6. Regular ear infection.
  7. Throat pain.
  8. Difficulty swallowing.
  9. Mild fever.
The tonsils can also chronically inflamed. People with chronically inflamed tonsils are often tired, they have little appetite and bad breath.

Tonsillitis treatment

Almonds are now no longer taken away so quickly. Certainly not in very young children. With age children build more resistance and they often get taken for fewer complaints. Doctors recommend surgery only for severe symptoms. For example if someone has difficulty breathing or has four times a year or more strep throat.

When tonsillitis try to alleviate the symptoms as much as possible. This can be so:
  1. Drink a lot.
  2. Eating Ice Cream.
  3. Gargle with salt water.
  4. A painkiller taken against the sore throat.
Symptoms go away within a week and you have a lot of trouble there? Then go to the doctor. They can tell you what you can do against the sore throat. You may get other painkillers.

Are you suffering from recurrent and severe infections? Then you can let the almonds away. This occurs during a short general anesthesia.
The tonsils are removed from your child? Then you must be there when the doctor your child spends under anesthesia.

For small children, the doctor cuts the tonsils with special pliers at once loose.
In older children and adults sit almonds what tighter. For them, the doctor makes the almonds little by little loose.

 Almonds catch bacteria and viruses on and make them harmless Symptoms And Treatment Of Tonsillitis In Adults And Children

After an almond operation

Children may go home the same day after an almond operation. Adults have a greater chance of a bleeding and usually need to stay in the hospital another day.

Right after the surgery, you may experience the following:
  1. There may be some blood in the nose and the throat.
  2. You have sore throat and difficulty swallowing. The throat pain lasts a few days and sometimes radiates out to the ears.
  3. Talk feels somewhat strange, as if the mouth is still full.
  4. The breath smells a bit cloying. You also have a bad taste in the mouth.
These complaints go gradually. Against the pain you can take painkillers. Help this not enough? Ask your doctor whether you can get stronger painkillers.

What to look after a tonsillectomy?

The first few days after a tonsillectomy is cold or lukewarm soft food the best. It is good to drink cold water, especially just after surgery. Popsicles are also recommended. Do not include acidic or carbonated beverages; that hurt to the throat. Also milk do not feel comfortable with.

Children may be the first few days after the operation, the best stay inside. After about a week, most children can again play outside the nursery or school. Swimming may only two to three weeks after the operation.
Adults can the first week do the best easy. Then they can probably just back to work.

You get a hefty bleeding? Please contact your GP or the hospital.

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