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Surgery For Otosclerosis

What is otosclerosis?

Otosclerosis is an eye disease in which a person is slowly hearing impaired. Some people also suffer from tinnitus. For most people develop the disease between eighteen and forty years.

 Otosclerosis is an eye disease in which a person is slowly hearing impaired Surgery For Otosclerosis

Otosclerosis causes

Otosclerosis occurs when there is new bone grows in the inner ear. This allows the selesai auditory ossicle (the stirrup) get stuck. The sound is no longer good inside.
It is not known how it is that bone tissue grows in the inner ear. Perhaps it is partly hereditary. In some families there otosclerosis namely common.
The disease occurs in women twice as often as men. Many women get the first symptoms during pregnancy. In some women, the symptoms are worse during pregnancy.

Otosclerosis surgery

Have you otosclerosis and helps a hearing aid is not enough? Then you can opt for surgery.

The operation is done under general anesthesia. Probably the day before the surgery already hospitalized.

The ear, nose and throat specialist operates through the ear canal. It replaces the entrenched stirrup with a prosthetic (fake a stirrup). The three ossicles can then move again. Most people hear after this operation again or nearly normal.

You can already home to prepare for the operation.

Complications with surgery for otosclerosis

An operation in otosclerosis almost always without any problems. However, the surgery is not without risk. About ten of the hundred people hear after surgery as bad or even worse.

After surgery, you may temporarily experience the following symptoms:
  1. You can not taste good anymore.
  2. You are dizzy.
  3. You suffer from tinnitus.
These complaints are usually after a few days or weeks again.

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