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Sleep Apnea Symptoms And Diagnosis

What are symptoms of sleep apnea?

Fatigue, loss of concentration, irritability and memory problems, but also high blood pressure, palpitations, depressive complaints and burnout. Apnea (sleep condition) is a serious condition that can be dangerous and even life threatening in serious cases. A timely diagnosis is therefore of great importance.

 is a serious condition that can be dangerous and even life threatening in serious cases Sleep Apnea Symptoms And Diagnosis

According to Van Mechelen, many apnea patients, especially men, walk with vague complaints for years. They are tired, do not feel comfortable, suffer from a short wage, their relationship is not going well or they have problems at work.

The perkara of sleep apnea diagnosis

But most men trivialize their problems and deny that something is going on. If they go to the doctor, it's because their wife sends them. "I have nothing, my wife cares" is a frequent statement. The GPs, in turn, do not immediately think of sleep problems or problems, but rather a burnout or depression. They prescribe antidepressants or sleepers, often inflamed by muscle relaxants, which makes the ailments worse.

Long-term complaints in sleep apnea patients

Ultimately, many patients with apnea develop severe physical complaints due to the years of oxygen deficiency. Their insulin and hormone disorders are disturbed, they get hypertension, diabetes, heart disease or develop obesity. What could eventually lead to relationship problems and even disability. As long as the sleep apnea has not been diagnosed, only the additional medical problems are addressed.

Sleep apnea solutions

And yet, apnea is very good to treat. There are several successful treatment methods that keep the respiratory tract open; From a mask with air pump and a special bracket, to position training, where people learn to sleep on their side. But prevention is better than cure, so an early diagnosis remains and remains the most important

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