Signs And Symptoms Of Dyslexia In Children

What is dyslexia?

Dyslexia literally means: not good. A Dyslexic child not only has difficulty reading, but also with games, writing, calculation tables and terraced memorization. That's because children with dyslexia have problems with automation. They should think very carefully at everything they do, nothing is automatic.

Dyslexia is unrelated to intelligence. Your child is so not dumber or smarter than a child without dyslexia. Often is dyslexia hereditary.

Back at school, your child remedial teaching for dyslexia. Sometimes need more help. You can sign up your child for dyslexia treatment outside the school. You can ask the remedial teacher who to call for the best available. But you have to count on dyslexia never passes.

You can determine at a recognized dyslexia expert or your child has dyslexia. Children diagnosed with dyslexia have a dyslexia statement. This gives your child at school for example, get extra time to create a test. In dyslexia Protocol of the school tells you how the school deals with dyslexic children.

 A Dyslexic child not only has difficulty reading Signs And Symptoms Of Dyslexia In Children

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Dyslexia?

Children with dyslexia have the following symptoms:
  1. They are in school in bad spelling.
  2. They have difficulty reading.
  3. Sometimes they read a word that is not there.
  4. They strike at the sometimes read about a word.
  5. They write a word in different ways error.
  6. They can not override a flawless piece of text.
  7. They may not know the difference between left and right.
  8. They have problems to do with two things at once, such as listening and writing.
  9. They have difficulty in school to finish their work.
  10. Dates but they can not remember.
  11. They have difficulty with long assignments.
  12. They remember names not good.
  13. They can not remember the good times tables.
  14. They can not write neatly.
  15. They have difficulty learning a foreign language (in high school).
Some children with dyslexia have all these symptoms. Others have only a few.

What can the school for children with dyslexia?

For children with dyslexia, the school can arrange several things, including:
  1. assignments in large letters;
  2. oral instead of written tests;
  3. exemption for a given subject.
Usually children may also use a laptop, a kafe code reader (reading pen) and a daisy player.
Schools are not obliged to offer this kind of extras, but most do so. Often they follow the recommendations listed in the dyslexia of your child.

Want to know how the school deals with dyslexia? Ask for the dyslexia Protocol of the school. You can also check with other parents about their experiences. Do you wish your child to secondary school, ask the remedial teacher from the elementary school which takes account of dyslexic children.

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