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Signs And Symptoms Of Bladder Cancer

Cancer is a deadly disease that is just as difficult to combat because it develops from your own body cells. There is therefore no question of foreign substances or "intruders" that can be noticed by your immune system. In case of bladder cancer, tumors develop from the cells that together form your bladder. The fact that your body does not detect the disease has its effect on the symptoms: they are very limited and not clear, so that bladder cancer can only be detected and diagnosed in many cases.

 Cancer is a deadly disease that is just as difficult to combat because it develops from y Signs And Symptoms Of Bladder Cancer

Sensitivity bladder

Finally, the presence of a tumor within the contours of the bladder can lead to an increased sensitivity of the bladder. This in turn manifests itself in a disruption of the functioning of this organ, resulting in urinary problems. This mainly involves frequent and high urinating urination. It does not happen so often that a tumor interferes with the functioning of your bladder and leads to noticeable symptoms. Bladder cancer is generally difficult to detect because it is a body that lies deep in the body.


There are some symptoms that may indicate bladder cancer. A tumor consists of absurd blood vessels and abnormally formed cells, which as a whole are very unstable. As a result, it is possible that some of these absurd cells end up in your urine. Blood in the urine can also indicate bladder cancer. It may be visible discoloration of the urine, but equally good to see microscopic quantities that can not be seen with the naked eye. This is the most common symptom, but does not necessarily indicate cancer. In summary, it means: people with bladder cancer have (traces of) blood in their urine, but people with blood in their urine do not always have bladder cancer.

Another, less common symptom is the presence of the cancer cells themselves in the urine. This involves so-called transitional cell carcinomas, which is the type of cancer cell that causes the vast majority of cases of bladder cancer. These are cancer cells that are released from the ureters or the inside of your bladder. Other, less common possible cancer cells in the bladder are adenocarcinomas and Squamous cell carcinoma.

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