Signs And Symptoms Of Autism In Children And Adults

People with autism show symptoms that can be placed in three groups:

Problems with social interaction and relationships
  1. One has difficulties with non-verbal communication (such as eye contact or facial expression interpretation)
  2. Have a harder time building friendships
  3. Have less interest in sharing feelings with others
  4. Usually one has no empathy because one has a harder time understanding other people's feelings
 People with autism show symptoms that can be placed in three groups Signs And Symptoms Of Autism In Children And Adults

Problems with communicating
  1. Learning to speak more difficult
  2. More difficult to start and maintain communications
  3. Stereotypical and repetitive language use
  4. Do not understand humor and sayings

Take a different form of activities
  1. An extreme focus on a certain part of the activity
  2. Need to routine in actions
  3. Behavior that shows stereotypes

Autism signs and symptoms in adults

Adults with autism can often live and work independently. However, this depends on the degree of intelligence and communication possibilities of the patient. If the patient has no learning disadvantage, he / she can live independently. If the patient has a lower IQ than average and can talk more difficult, they often need help from others. That way they can learn the daily things, and live independently in a future.

The signs and symptoms of autism in teenage time

In teens, social interaction with others has already been learned a little more. Yet they continue to show symptoms, such as having difficulty with sexuality in puberty. They are more likely to develop depression or epilepsy than other teenagers.

Signs and symptoms of autism in children

In children, the symptoms for parents and caregivers of the child are often already visible in the first three years of life. A child who does not like to behave, does not want to play and learns to talk more difficult, can be thought to suffer from autism. Sometimes these symptoms are also confused with deafness. In any case, making a correct diagnosis is difficult at this age.

Additional disorders in autism

Children with autism sometimes also have a form of ADHD. 10% of patients have a harder time remembering, calculating and drawing. 40 to 70% of adult patients suffer from sleep problems.

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