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Sebaceous Cyst Removal

What is a sebaceous cyst?

In your skin are thousands of glands that make sebum. Sebum is an oily 'skin more' that keeps your skin supple. Affects about sebaceous gland sometimes hidden. The gland swells up into a ball full of sebum. We call a sebaceous cyst. The cysts occur mainly on the head, neck and back.

Let Sebaceous Cyst removal

Sebaceous cyst can not hurt. If you still are affected, you can have the cyst removal. You will first be an injection to numb the skin around the cyst. If the skin is numb, the cyst is carefully cut away. The wound is then attached. The stitches have to remain sitting five to twelve days, depending on the spot on the body.

What are the symptoms of a sebaceous gland cyst ?

You notice a swelling, for example behind your ear. The sebaceous gland cyst can grow slowly. If you are hard on the swelling down, what sebum can come out. Sometimes the gland breaks open by itself and come suddenly sebum. The sebum can stink.

 In your skin are thousands of glands that make sebum Sebaceous Cyst Removal

A clogged sebaceous gland can become inflamed. The cyst and the skin than red around it and are going to glow. The swelling is getting bigger and hurts. If an inflamed cyst breaks open, there may be sebum and pus come out. If the cyst does not matter breaks open, an incision should be made in. This can be general practice. The pain then decreases immediately. Only when the inflammation is cured, the cyst can be removed.

What can you do when a sebaceous gland cyst is removed ?

Keep after suturing the wound dry at least 48 hours. A dry wound heals better. If you go straight into the shower, infect the wound and then the scar less beautiful.
Allow the connection if it can sit at least 48 hours.
Change the connection only if the wound has started to bleed again, or if the dressing is wet or dirty.
If the wound is on your head, is used mostly unrelated.

Medications after removing sebaceous cyst

When the anesthesia wears off, the wound usually hurts a little. It may be that the sutures what feels pull. If you suffer from the pain, you can one or two tablets to swallow paracetamol (500 mg).

What next after removing a sebaceous cyst ?

You make an appointment when you can come back to have the stitches removed.

When contact after removal of a sebaceous gland cyst ?

Please contact your doctor:

*if the wound is red, hot or painful;
*if pus comes out;
*if you develop a fever (call practice).

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