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Roche Diagnostics

The Roche Diagnostics International AG is the world market leader in in-vitro diagnostics. Its main sites of the global Diagnostics Division is located in Rotkreuz (Risch municipality) in Switzerland.

The Diagnostics Division is divided into four divisions, Roche Professional Diagnostics, Roche Molecular Diagnostics, Roche Diabetes Care and Roche Tissue Diagnostics. She knows two global functions - Global Platforms & Support and Global Operations since 2013 and has a unit "Sequencing".

In addition to its main office in Red Cross branches Mannheim and Penzberg (both Germany). Other branches with R & D activities are in the USA (Indianapolis and Pleasanton). Roche's Diagnostics Division employs around 23,000 people and generated 2007 sales of 9.35 billion Swiss francs.

The Divisions of Roche Diagnostics include in detail:

-Diabetes Care - blood glucose meters, insulin pumps, lancing devices and accessories, service and services for diabetics among the world's established merk Accu-Chek (headquartered in Basel).
-Professional Diagnostics - integrated and decentralized system solutions for clinical laboratories and in private, for emergency medicine, clinics and private practices, IT services; Products and merk names are Cobas, Elecsys, Modular, Reflotron, Urisys etc. (headquartered in Rotkreuz).
-Molecular Diagnostics - based on the PCR-technology diagnostic systems; Products and merk names are Cobas, etc. LightCycler (headquartered in Pleasanton).
-Roche Tissue Diagnostics - Ventana, a member of the Roche Group, developed fully automated equipment, workflow solutions and reagents for tissue-based cancer diagnostics. The equipment systems and tumor biomarkers help, for example, the pathologist at the hospital, to analyze tissue samples for suspected cancer and infectious diseases quickly and to make a diagnosis. The results of the study are an essential building block for a differentiated treatment decisions and are therefore available to the physician of great importance. (Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, USA)

The former division "Applied Science" is resolved by the end of 2013. The PCR technology is transferred to the "Molecular Diagnostics", other products from the portfolio of clinical chemistry "Applied Science" returns in the future business "Professional Diagnostics".

COO of the diagnostic business is since 2012 Roland Diggelmann. He has taken on the task of Daniel O'Day, who moved back to pharma.

In Mannheim a part of research and development and production is located for diabetes and point-of-care devices. In Mannheim is also the main warehouse, are supplied from which other national companies. In addition, from where they direct supply in many European countries. Under construction are more office and research buildings, a new reception building, and an additional high-bay warehouse.

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