Rehabilitation Center

What is rehabilitation center ?

A rehabilitation center is a diagnostic and treatment center for people with disabilities.


  • Structure
A rehabilitation can be an autonomous institution, but also a section of a hospital, nursing institution, MPI or school for special education. To be called rehabilitation must be a rehabilitation doctor who indicates the treatment and guides the treating team. Otherwise it is called a convalescent or reactivation department.
  • Target Audience
The rehabilitation center is for children, teenagers and adults as a result of an illness, to accident or disease have limitations. The aim of the rehabilitation is as independently as possible in society. In the Netherlands, the Health Insurance Act established the right to rehabilitation care.
  • Diagnosis groups
  1. amputation
  2. cerebral palsy
  3. chronic pain / fatigue
  4. chronic illness
  5. cognitive disorders
  6. paraplegia
  7. spina bifida
  8. eating and drinking problems
  9. multiple sclerosis
  10. multi trauma
  11. neuromuscular disorders / muscle diseases
  12. brain injury, a stroke (CVA)
  13. brain injury, a brain contusion (cerebral contusion)
  14. brain injury, through a CPR
  15. development problems
  16. rheumatic diseases
  17. spasticity
  18. lung problems
  19. heart problems
  20. vegetative state (up to the maximum age of 25 years)
  • Rehabilitation therapy
The therapy may consist of:
  1. physiotherapy or physical therapy
  2. speech therapy
  3. occupational therapy
  4. prothetiseren; prosthetic fitting after amputation
  5. psycho-social conversations
  6. music therapy
  7. cognition training
Or a combination thereof.

 A rehabilitation center is a diagnostic and treatment center for people with disabilities Rehabilitation Center

  • Rehabilitation team
The treatment team, led by a rehabilitation physician, comprises;
  1. doctor (assistants)
  2. physiotherapists
  3. occupational therapists
  4. speech therapists
  5. music therapist
  6. social worker
  7. Psychologist's (assistants)
  8. cognitive trainer
  9. rehabilitation nurses
  10. dietitians
  11. medical Consultants: internist, neurologist, cardiologist, traumatologist, psychiatrist.
The team is, provided it is an inpatient, supported by nurses and aides.

Furthermore, there is usually an occupational therapy, and a "heavy ergo" (woodworking) is present. Here, patients can be creative at work.

Some rehabilitation centers specialize in one particular therapy-form, others like to emphasize precisely their versatility. In addition to the functional rehabilitation, is more and more attention to the psychological acceptance of disability. A rehabilitation center performs rule only day treatments, but by proximity (sometimes the same building) of a hospital or nursing home patients can still spend the night. The self-rehabilitation is increasingly gaining ground in the 24 rehabilitation centers in the Netherlands employs approximately 4,000 nurses and carers. Some well-known rehabilitation centers are Adelante (formerly Luca Clinic in Hoensbroek), Lynden Stein, Heliomare, Revant, St. Maartens and Roessingh.


  • Purpose
In Flanders rehabilitation focused on compensation, rehabilitation or eliminating loss of function due to an accident or serious illness.

So the objective is to restore or improve the disorder and a function of the person as much as possible in their environment (family, school, work, leisure ...). The environment is accompanied in the processing and adaptation to the needs of the rehabilitating person.

A rehabilitation can be attached to a (general university or psychiatric) hospital, but also do exclusively to outpatient rehabilitation.
  • Recognition payment
The person who wants to appeal to a rehabilitation center, a medical approval from the RIZIV. The Flemish Agency for Persons with Disabilities provides for the recognition of the rehabilitation centers.

For repayment of the rehabilitation costs (treatments, tools, pharmaceuticals) employs a person rehabilitating himself first to his insurance company (civil liability or any accident insurance), then to the Fund for Work or Occupational Diseases Fund. Only if this does not work, the rehabilitation can contact the National Institute for Sickness and Disability (by the recognized sickness funds).

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