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Prenatal : Preparing For Labour And Delivery

When a pregnancy comes to an end, there is a chance that doctors will initiate delivery earlier than originally planned by nature. Usually doctors start a delivery themselves when the health of the mother or the child is at risk.

In the case of a normal delivery, the underside of the uterus becomes softer and expands and the delivery is started. The delivery can be started manually by means of medication and examining the uterus.

A first way to use delivery is to strip the membrane. The doctor splits the membrane itself so that hormones are released in the body that use the delivery.

Physicians with medication can also start the delivery or break the water themselves. The disadvantage of this is that the delivery in this case must happen within 24 hours. Otherwise, the risk of infections is too high and the health of the baby is at risk.

 there is a chance that doctors will initiate delivery earlier than originally planned by  Prenatal : Preparing For Labour And Delivery

In almost 1 in 5 pregnancies, doctors decide to use the delivery manually. The most common reason is that the calculated delivery date has been exceeded. If you are more than 2 weeks overdue, doctors often decide to start the delivery themselves. They do this because there is a possibility that the uterus can not offer enough nutrients to feed the child.

It is also possible that there are complications in pregnancy so that the delivery is used earlier. When your water breaks and the delivery does not start automatically, the chance of inflammation is too great. This is a second reason why childbirth is often used.

In addition, delivery is used when the baby is at risk due to, for example, an aneh heartbeat. It is also possible that the mother has internal bleeding and that her life and that of the baby are at risk.

In itself there are few risks in the manual deployment of the delivery. A known masalah is that the contractions follow each other faster and can be heavier than with a natural birth.

In addition, there is always a risk that women will react badly to certain medications, especially if women have had caesarean section before.

There are different techniques that allow you to use the delivery yourself. These techniques are often uncomfortable and so far have little or no scientific proof.

Sex would be a good way to start childbirth. Although little research has been done about this, it is generally assumed that a female orgasm might have a positive effect on the contractions.

In addition, walking or stimulating the nipples would have a positive effect. But there is also no scientific evidence for these techniques.

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