Pedicure Definition

What is a pedicure ?

A pedicure or foot care is a treatment of the feet. The person who performs this act professionally, is called a pedicure.

Situation in Netherlands
Pedicure is a profession in the Netherlands, which means that anyone it may exercise without a diploma. In 1996, Minister Hermans has dropped the graduation requirement, as well as the rest of the establishment requirements. This means that there is no recognized qualifications more for foot care.

In 1996, there were several diplomas foot care, including SEPVO and the EPP. Meanwhile, there are several income examiner offices in the Netherlands recognized by both the government (recognized MBO diploma) as the industry organization Provoet (MBO and vocational diplomas) to promote the quality of examinations. It is for each pelatihan institute free to make use of their services. KOC (Knowledge grooming) has the statutory duty to shape the qualifications for this profession. A qualification is based on the competencies required to practice this profession properly.

 or foot care is a treatment of the feet Pedicure Definition

Many pedicures are certified and affiliated with the organization ProVoet. The course of pedicure is more than just cutting nails. So may remove a pedicure calluses and corns and ingrown nails loosen, give advice and / or fitting of orthotics, advise anti-pressure agents, refer you to a podiatrist, podiatrist or doctor and give advice on the care of the feet. Also may treat pedicures diabetes and rheumatic patients, provided they are in possession of a certificate recognized by health insurers Diabetic Foot (DV) or Rheumatic Foot (RH). The National Professional Register for Foot Carers has been made clear who is previously certified.

The requirements for the company issued contained in the Code of the foot care business by Hoofdbedrijfschap Crafts. This branch code combines standards with all regulations and codes of practice. Hygiene, technology, labor, purchasing and design requirements are some of the core issues of this standard for business improvement.

Situation in Flanders
In Flanders, the profession of podiatrist regulated by the Establishment. A practitioner must have a business license. This certificate will be delivered as a rule after a successful Syntra training.

Besides, there is a Bachelor of podiatry. This is a paramedical pelatihan in higher education. The content is broader than just pedicures, all graduates may also establish as pedicure. It is also about foot problems, foot load and problems in sports, custom prostheses, and the like. The jadwal is offered at the college building in Ghent.


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