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Parkinsonism Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

What is parkinsonism and what are the symptoms of parkinsonism?

Parkinsonism is a name for symptoms similar to Parkinson's disease such as shaking, stiff muscles and slow movements.

This type of complaints is due to a damage in the brain. The cause of the damage is usually the Parkinson's disease, but also other diseases can cause this type of complaints. For example multi system atrophy or Alzheimer's disease. The symptoms can also be a side effect of certain medications.

The tricky is that the doctor usually not 100% sure which disease you have. The brain research to Parkinson's, can not be done at living humans. If your doctor thinks that you do not have Parkinson's disease, calls them the complaints parkinsonism.

Parkinsonism has much influence on your life and that of those around you. Shaking, stiffness and slowness are quite nasty complaints, which can change your life very.

The symptoms are often difficult to treat. If they come through drug use, try another medication or a different dose. Physical and occupational therapy can help you to deal with the complaints.

 What is parkinsonism and what are the symptoms of parkinsonism Parkinsonism Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Causes of parkinsonism

Parkinsonism may have different causes. It is often a side effect of a medication. Certain medications against anxiety or dizziness typical Parkinson's symptoms such as muscle stiffness and slowness of movement.
In addition, other diseases, can be the cause, such as:
  1. MSA (multi-system atrophy), a disease that damages the brains;
  2. Alzheimer's disease;
  3. Vascular parkinsonism: parkinsonian symptoms after brain damage by closing small blood vessels;
  4. Diffuse Lewy body disease, a disease with symptoms of dementia;
  5. Progressive supranuclear palsy, a rare muscle disease;
  6. The Segawa syndrome;
  7. Corticobasal degeneration, a rare nerve disease.

Parkinsonism treatment

The treatment of parkinsonism depends on the cause. The symptoms may be caused by certain medications. Then the doctor looks at whether you can get other medications. Sometimes it is helpful to adjust the dosage.

Parkinsonism may be caused by another disease. That is usually a disease which is difficult or impossible to treat. Medications help against Parkinson's generally not parkinsonism. Or reduce the symptoms often through physical therapy and speech therapy.

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