Pain In The Mouth - Canker Sores

Where is the pain in the mouth? 

Where the pain is in the mouth can already say a lot about what's going on:

-Lips or mouth, the skin on the outside and oral mucosa on the inside.
-The front of the tongue with smooth mucosa and the back of the "knobby" papillae.
-The buccal mucosa with salivary gland output
-The mucous membrane under the tongue, with also two outputs salivary gland
-The jaw edges with the jaw mucosa where the teeth in it.
-The throat arches on the back of the oral cavity and the uvula, the small slijmvliesklepeltje that hangs behind in your throat.

What are the symptoms of pain in the mouth? 

-Can be painful. Eating or drinking hot or carbonated beverages
-Tooth pain is a persistent pain, so it can be to keep your daily activities. Filled tricky
-Severe gum disease can give a lot of pain. If you have a dental abscess, the pain can be unbearable and you also have a fever.
-Inflamed gums are red and swollen and may bleed easily, such as when brushing.
-Canker sores are small grayish-white spots with a red border on the inside of the cheek or lips. Canker sores can also sit on your tongue or under the tongue, and even on the palate (palate). Sometimes there are small holes (craters) in the mouth ulcers. Canker sores can cause pain or a burning sensation give the whole day. Food hurts.
-Children with a mouth infection by the herpes simplex virus drink less and do not eat and cry a lot of pain. They may also have a fever. Especially the gums can greatly swollen. At various places in the mouth (also on the tongue) small ulcers. Are Often with craters and yellow edges. The gums are often deep red. The sores are also on the lips.
-A mouth infection can cause bad breath.

What causes pain in the mouth?

Pain in the mouth caused primarily by damage or inflammation. The most common causes are:

-Damage: because you biting your cheek mucosa or on your tongue.
-Damage to the mouth can occur by making often damp skin with the tongue, sometimes it is a fungal infection caused.
-Stomatitis: general inflamed buccal mucosa (cheek, tongue, inner lips, gums).
-An infected tooth: Toothache is usually caused by inflammation or nerve root.
-Gingivitis: inflamed gums example, the inflammation in a tooth continues in the gum surrounding light. Sometimes it can even have an abscess (pocket of pus) may develop, with severe pain and swelling. Inflamed gums may bleed easily.
-Canker sores: these are infections that can occur anywhere in the oral mucosa. They are small painful sores. What is the cause we do not know. It might have something to do with sleep deprivation, stress, mouth sores, sensitivity to certain food components or hormonal changes. But none of those suspicions are proved. Canker sores usually disappear within a week.
-Primary Herpes Simplex Infection: the gums can also be ignited by an infection with the herpes simplex virus. We see that mostly in young children. The entire oral mucosa can be full of sores. The mucosa is therefore often red and swollen.

Advice for mouth pain 

The most important thing you can do yourself to make. Vulnerability of the mucosa in the mouth as small as possible Smoking, snacking and a poorly maintained teeth make your mouth vulnerable.

-Take care of your teeth well; go every six months to the dental hygienist or dentist.
-Sweets little.
-Do not smoke.
-Eat healthy, high fiber and lots of fruits and vegetables.
-Brushing with a good toothpaste and keeps the spaces between your teeth with floss or toothpicks.

Canker sores can not be prevented, and inflammation of the mouth with the herpes simplex virus is difficult to prevent. A child receives a mouth inflammation after contact with someone who has a cold sore.

When contact with mouth pain? 

Please contact your doctor:

-When your child has a sore mouth and little to drink and not eat.
-If your child has an inflamed mouth accompanied by high fever
-When your gums or jaw is so inflamed that there will be a thick cheek with fever.

Please contact your dentist at:

-Toothache / toothache
-Jaw abscess

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