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Oral Candidiasis Treatment

What is candidiasis ?

Candidiasis, or is a candida fungal infection (mycosis), which is caused by the yeast-like fungi, particularly Candida albicans. This fungus is present in almost all as a normal commensal, inter alia, in the mouth, in the intestine, on the skin and in the vagina, and represents a certain balance with bacteria. However, one speaks of candidiasis when the molds have a preponderance of the bacteria and the biological balance is disturbed, resulting in an opportunistic infection.

The most common forms of candidiasis

Thrush, complaints by Candida albicans in the mouth. C. albicans can be detected by many people in the saliva, without that the oral mucosa has been affected. In this case there is therefore no question of candidosis. The percentage of people with Candida albicans can be detected in the mouth is 40%. Complaints can be caused by ill-fitting dentures or by antibiotics. However, the most common cause of oral candidiasis is the use of high doses of inhaled corticosteroids, which are deposited in part in the oral cavity and on-site suppress the resistance of the mucous membrane. For this reason, at high doses of these inhaled medications recommended after inhaling to rinse the mouth.

Infections of the genital organs
In general practice, one sees regularly yeast infections of the vagina, where the normal commensal increases so that complaints of itching, burning, redness and a mostly white, crumbly discharge (the 'white tide') arise. Such infections sometimes occur without obvious cause, but what more common in pregnancy, in people with diabetes and after the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics, which die many bacteria and fungi chance to proliferate by the loss of competition. Male partners also harbor the organism often under the foreskin, which sometimes makes it necessary to treat both partners simultaneously.

Candidiasis is in the hospital often in patients with reduced resistance, for example, when treated with antimitotic agents (cancer) treatment in transplant, HIV / AIDS, or also by treatment with corticosteroids.

Candida infections of the skin
These often occur in moist skin folds, such as in the groin, under the breasts or abdomen under a wall, often in elderly people with diabetes. This is also treatable with miconazole and good hygiene. In babies a candida infection occurs frequently in the groin with blemishes by diapers.

Of nail fungal infection is called onychomycosis, and is almost always caused by other fungi, namely dermatophytes. Candida infections of the nail, however, do exist.

Natural resistance

The saliva of the majority of people has an anti-fungal effect. This effect is due to histatins, which can be detected in the saliva. Histatins are proteins and are mainly detected in the saliva of the cheek salivary gland (parotid). Fungi can occur in two forms in the mouth, namely as a yeast or as a germinating form. The histatins are most effective against yeast.

Candidiasis treatment

Candidiasis of the mouth, vagina or skin folds in practice mostly locally treated with anti-fungal drugs such as miconazole, terbinafine, nystatin. If a local treatment does not have the desired effect (very rare) can be selected for treatment with tablets, for example with fluconazole. In addition, it is important to strive for a good oral hygiene, for example by using a flushing means, and optionally to clean dentures regularly.

Thrush in babies

In newborn babies is a mild form of thrush, usually in the first four weeks of life, very common (tens of percent); This only needs to be treated as giving rise to the obvious symptoms (pain, bad drink this). After all, the Candida organism is a normal commensal and the baby, which is already colonized inevitably at birth will anyway have to develop resistance, it is not possible to protect themselves against the yeast lifelong. GPs and pediatricians are therefore very reluctant to treat thrush in babies, especially if there are no complaints occur. Lactation Consultants and child health nurses in the Netherlands are often a more aggressive policy, because they claim that breastfeeding may fail sometimes like mother eg. Receives or has cracked nipples, which candida often as culprit. However, scientific evidence for this is lacking.

Alternative Medicine For Candidiasis: Systemic Candidiasis And Candidemia

Alternative therapists caused a wide range of health problems and diseases of  systemic candidiasis. The pediatrician William Crook assumed that a large variety of symptoms may be caused by a systemic candidiasis. He also devised therapies for this, such as diet and enemas. Kurt Cons Back, sees the condition as the cause of all degenerative diseases.

Incidentally propose alternative therapists diagnose systemic candidiasis not always demonstrate by actual candida in the blood or organs. Fungi in the blood to show with a live blood analysis. But often it is thought the image only on the basis of vague symptoms and a wide range of conditions such as asthma, PMS, sexual dysfunction, psoriasis, intestinal problems, urinary problems, multiple sclerosis and muscular pain. For a relationship between systemic candidiasis and however all of these disorders lacking any evidence. Also for the efficacy of alternative therapies aimed at treating the suspected systemic candidiasis Therefore, there is no proof.

According to scientific medicine systemic candidiasis is a serious disease that only occurs in severely immune-compromised people. This disease leads to serious disruption of the functioning of the affected organ or organs, for example liver failure can occur. The use of the term systemic candidiasis in alternative healing arts is as traditional medicine unjustly.

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