Novo Nordisk Products

Produced Novo Nordisk A / S and markets pharmaceutical products and services. Since its founding in Denmark in 1923, the company has developed into a world leader in diabetes pharmaceuticals sector. In this area, the company also has the broadest product range in the industry. Even in the areas of blood clotting medications, growth hormone therapy and hormone replacement therapy, the company is represented.

Group Overview

Novo Nordisk is divided into a holding company, Novo Group, under which the company Novo Nordisk A / S, Novozymes A / S and Novo A / S are located. The company has two main business areas:

-Diabetes medications and
-Hormone preparations

In addition, the company develops and sells also various enzymes, which are used for example in the food industry, in waste water treatment or cleaning. The headquarters of the company is located in Bagsvaerd Denmark, in the Copenhagen area. In addition to its headquarters in Denmark, Novo Nordisk has yet production sites in six other countries, as well as agencies or offices in 79 countries. The Germany office is located, since August 1958 in Mainz.

Novo Nordisk awards since 2002 with prize money of 12,000 euros Novo Nordisk Media Prize for journalistic articles about diabetes.

Ownership structure

All A- and B-shares in Novo Nordisk A / S are since 31 December 1999, the unlisted Novo A / S, which is in turn owned by the Novo Nordisk Foundation. The Novo Nordisk Foundation is a nonprofit foundation whose goal is to provide a stable base for the company in the Novo Nordisk Group is available, as well as to participate in the scientific, humanitarian and social progress. The A- and B-shares represent 25.5% of the total share capital and 68.5% of the vote. This means that the Novo A / S at the Annual Meeting always has the majority of votes.


Novo Nordisk was created in 1989 through the merger of two Danish companies Novo Industri A / S and Nordisk Gentofte A / S.

-1923 Nordisk Insulin Laboratory (later Nordisk Gentofte) is founded.
-1925 Novo Terapeutisk Laboratory (later Novo Industri) is founded.
-1932 Nordisk Insulin Laboratorium founds the Steno Memorial Hospital.
-1938 Novo founded the Hvidore diabetes sanatorium.
-1941 Novo brings its first enzyme, trypsin, on the market. It is obtained from the pancreas of animals and used in the tanning of leather.
-1946 Nordisk insulin NPH insulin developed Isophane, a neutral insulin with prolonged duration of action.
-1958 Novo bases its headquarters in Mainz Germany. 1969 establishment of the Arne Jacobsen construction
-1974 Novos B shares on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange to go public.
-1981 Novo is listed as the first Scandinavian company on the New York Stock Exchange.
-1982 Human Mono Component insulin comes out - the world's first identical to human insulin insulin preparation. It is obtained from the pancreas of pigs and then further processed into human insulin.
-1985 NovoPen - an injection system with replaceable insulin cartridges comes on the market. The device looks like a fountain pen.
-1989 by the merger of Novo Industri A / S and Nordisk Gentofte A / S created the world leader in insulin production.
-1992 The Steno Memorial Hospital and the Hospital Hvidore join together to Steno Diabetes Center.
-NovoSeven in 1996 - for the treatment of hemophilia patients with inhibitors - comes on the market.
-2000 Novo Nordisk is split into three separate companies under the umbrella of the Novo Group: Novo -Nordisk A / S, Novozymes A / S and Novo A / S.
-InDuo 2001 - the world's first combined blood glucose monitoring and insulin delivery system is presented.
-2001 Novo Nordisk is the majority shareholder in the Brazilian pharmaceutical company BiobrĂ¡s.

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