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Nickel Allergy Treatment

What is nickel allergy?

People with nickel allergy eczema get to the place where their skin comes in contact with this metal. An allergy is a reaction of the immune system to foreign substances, which are not necessarily harmful in itself).


Nickel is a base metal, similar to iron. Nickel is often used in metal objects such as coins, buttons, bra fasteners, zippers, eyeglasses, watches, knitting needles, scissors, keys, earrings and other piercings, and silver and gold articles containing less than 12 karat bullion.


 eczema get to the place where their skin comes in contact with this metal Nickel Allergy Treatment

More women than men become allergic to nickel. It is a type 4 allergic reaction, ie the eczema occur until several days after contact and disappears slowly. With hand eczema is often therefore not immediately clear what caused it. Creates the eczema however around an earring or at the place of the locking button of a jeans, it will be readily recognized. The so called contact dermatitis come gesensitizeerde (armed limited) T lymphocytes in the rifle against the compound of nickel with an endogenous protein. Once they arise, an allergy due to the formation of T-helper cells last for years.

Nickel allergy diagnosis and treatment

The dermatologist doing a patch test; he sticks on the back some screens with substances which can cause allergies. If the skin reacts to the patch with nickel, and not on the blank control, the diagnosis is clear. It is important to contact with nickel to prevent as much as possible, not only to avoid eczema, but also because only that the sensitivity can reduce. Coins in a purse, keys in a folder, because skin contact is not enough hindered by clothing. Wash hands regularly and lubricate with hand cream has a preventive effect. Something does eczema which can then be treated with an ointment eczema with corticosteroid.

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