Narcissistic Personality Disorder Definition - Health Article

Narcissistic Personality Disorder Definition

What is a narcissistic personality disorder?

People with narcissistic personality disorder find themselves great and very important. They expect others find them particularly. If it is not, it is, in them that ordinary people can not understand them. That only people who are themselves special. They especially admired by others. They fantasize about it that they have much success.

 What is a narcissistic personality disorder Narcissistic Personality Disorder Definition

People with this personality disorder also find it natural that others consider them. They themselves are not as good at it; they find it difficult to identify with another. They use others especially to achieve their own goals.

These people are preoccupied with envy: they themselves are often jealous and they believe that others are jealous of them.

Besides these 'overt narcissist' there is also the sensitive or braked narcissist. That's just shy people who are ashamed quickly or easily hurt. They do everything they can to ensure that they get no criticism. They are constantly concerned with what others think of them.
Most people with narcissistic personality disorder are somewhere between these two extremes. The main duduk perkara of narcissistic people: they do not value themselves in a healthy way.

What exactly is the cause of these personality disorders is not clear. Some researchers think that narcissistic people as children have not been given enough attention and admiration of their parents.

A narcissistic personality disorder is treated with psychotherapy.

The narcissistic personality is in cluster B personality disorders.

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