Mycosis Fungoides Symptoms And Treatment

What is mycosis fungoides (MF)?

Mycosis fungoides (MF) is a skin condition. It is a form of cutaneous lymphoma: a malignant proliferation of certain blood cells (T-cells), wherein the aneh cells are found only in the skin. The official name is (currently) cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, mycosis fungoides type. There are no abnormalities in the bone marrow, blood or lymph nodes. The condition is quite rare, but the most common cutaneous lymphoma.

Mycosis fungoides symptoms

The first phase (patch stage) is characterized by red, scaly, fantastically shaped spots, often 5 to 20 cm. At this stage the disease is often not recognized, but appointed as eczema or psoriasis, disorders that occur more frequently many times. In most patients the disease is limited to the first phase. When a part of the patients will develop in the course of years a phase with thickened places: plaque-stage. In a small percentage of patients will develop real "cusps", which is tumor-stage is called.

To diagnose skin biopsies should be taken. In the early stages of mycosis fungoides are the aneh lymphocytes in a grup musik on the border between epidermis and dermis, like a grensvlakdermatitis. With immunochemical staining can be shown that the aneh cells are, indeed, (aberrant) T-cells.

 a malignant proliferation of certain blood cells  Mycosis Fungoides Symptoms And Treatment

Mycosis fungoides treatment and prognosis

In the first stage, the main treatments: strong-working dermatocorticosteroïden such as clobetasol (dermovate) and phototherapy (especially PUVA). Tumors can be treated with radiotherapy.

With this treatment, the disease is not cured, but relieves the symptoms. The course of the disease is no different. When patients come to die, that is rarely caused by the condition.

Patients with mycosis fungoides are at an increased risk for other types of lymphoma.

Related Conditions

-Mycosis fungoides is sometimes preceded by "precancerous" again with other names: for example, para psoriasis or vasculare poikiloderma atrophicans. These precancerous rarely in MF on.
-In some patients with MF's lymphoma mainly located around hair follicles (follicles). The disorder often behaves than aggressive.
-Sezarysyndroom It is a very rare but aggressive form of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, which may seem at first to MF.
-Cutaneous lymphomas associated with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

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