Motion Sickness Symptoms And Medication

What is motion sickness? 

Motion sickness is a collective term for seasickness, motion sickness, and airsickness. Someone with motion sickness nausea during a car, flight, or on the back of a camel. On a wild sea is the worst. Motion sickness is annoying, you can be become very sick. But it goes without saying again once the trip is stopped.

What are the symptoms of motion sickness?

Symptoms of motion sickness include:

*Limp and listless
*sometimes sleepy
*Indifference (especially in severe seasickness)

What can you do about motion sickness?

*Do not traveling with an empty stomach. Make sure you take a small meal beforehand. For example:
- Two slices of bread with a glass of milk
- Some yogurt with muesli and some fruit
- A small hot meal (rice / pasta)
*Are you long on the road, take at least three light meals a day.
*Do not take snacks and fatty snacks or sweets.
*Some people indicate that they have more suffer from motion sickness when they are using in advance or on the go coffee, alcohol or carbonated beverages. Do you find that in yourself, then avoid these drinks.
*Reading, writing, or surf the Internet while traveling you extra dizzy and nauseated. Immediately if you notice the road that you start to feel sick. Stop it The sickness can some sagging again.
*Give, get you in a car, that you suffer from motion sickness and ask if you can sit in the front. The better you can see everything in the direction of travel, the less the complaints.
*If possible, try to drive yourself. Then chances are you have a lot less trouble.
*Provide fresh, preferably cool air. Do a window and turn on the car heater layer or the air conditioning on.
*Make a long car ride adequate breaks.
*Look in discussing the itinerary or you can choose especially for long straight roads (highways).
*Go on a ship, if possible, go out and make sure you can look at the horizon in the direction of travel of the ship.
*In a plane to help. Distractions Start a conversation on a topic that fascinates you or make regular walk down the aisle.

 Motion sickness is a collective term for seasickness Motion Sickness Symptoms And Medication

Thus threatening motion sickness?

Near your ears left and right the balance organs. You could say that a vestibular system keeps accurate in what position your body is located. Your balance organs work with your eyes and your muscles. For example, if you cycle, you see where you want to go, you can see the horizon and you see some up, down, left or right. Also your balance organs keep a close eye on your attitude and send send signals to your muscles when you go too skewed. Correcting your muscles and so you remain in balance and not fall off your bike.

*When you are in a vehicle that still make unexpected movements, like a ship that always tilts left, right, front or rear, then right what you see not what registers your vestibular system. You travel sick.
*The more vigorous the movements, the greater the risk of motion sickness. There will also be more people travel sick on a ship with wind than in a car on the highway.
*Motion sickness is worse if you can not see the horizon. When you are in a plane that is by turbulence staggers all sides, then register your organ of balance that your attitude is always changing, but your eyes do not see it because you make the same tilting motions as the plane in which you are sitting.
*One is very sensitive to motion sickness, the other barely. The driver or skipper often suffer least, because the bumps, turns, sees waves arrive.
*It seems that children suffer more from motion sickness than adults. Children are often sick in the car when they sit in the back and not look outside.

Motion sickness medication

Antihistamines are often used for motion sickness. These are drugs that help against allergies. Or antihistamines work well against motion sickness has not been demonstrated. Yet there are a lot of people have to. Benefit Examples of antihistamines include cinnarizine, cyclizine, and meclizine. The resources in addition to the anti-allergic effect a light calming effect. You can even to be sleepy. So beware with it in traffic.

Another remedy for motion sickness is scopolamine. Scopolamine is in patches. Such plaster paste behind your ear. It works three days straight and is therefore especially suitable for long sea voyages.

Side effects of antihistamines and scopolamine include: dry mouth, drowsiness and blurred vision. Scopolamine is not suitable for children under 18 years.

The resources are available at pharmacy. Make sure you have enough traveling with and take them an hour before departure.

How it goes on, after the trip?

Once the trip is over, do you feel better. The one feels fine after five minutes and the other an hour must lie down to rest. After an hour feel most refreshed.

If you have longer time on a ship is the motion sickness can disappear altogether during the trip. Your vestibular system seems to adapt. You will then again to country than do you notice how much your balance organs have adapted. It feels still a while just as if you were still on the ship. We then say that you ' sea legs ' has.

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