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Mania Definition : What Is Mania ?

What is Mania?

Mania is a severe mood disorder characterized by intense emotions. She is accompanied by excessive joy, anger, hyperactivity and impulsivity and disinhibition strong in many mental functions. A mania is usually a manifestation of bipolar disorder. A mild form of mania is called hypomania.

Someone in a manic state behaves strongly outwards. They raised pronounced varying from itself or very irritable, very impatient and quick to anger. In severe cases there may be hallucinations or delusions. In almost every sufferer arise sooner or later conflicts with the environment.

 Mania is a severe mood disorder characterized by intense emotions Mania Definition : What is Mania ?

Manic episode

A manic episode is a mood disorder characterized by at least one week of aneh and persistent elevated, expansive or irritable mood and at least three of the following characteristics:
  • excessive increases self-esteem
  • decreased need for sleep
  • increased talkativeness
  • flight of ideas
  • distractibility
  • increased activity and excitement
  • are overly busy with enjoyable activities


Mania often begins gradually, sometimes acute. During a manic episode, a patient can be reckless and feel to everything. This allows him to show to themselves or others dangerous behavior.

When mania is behind the cheerful and noisy conduct an internal upheaval where one actually is not well aware of and which one does not know what to do with it. The unrestrained function is particularly evident in the emotional life, and thinking, moving and a reduced sense of values. Feelings are allowed free rein, so that also the deeper feelings and thoughts are propagated and there is very 'showdown'. The mendasar of this disorder is often that a sufferer can hold its own functioning as bad in the hand.

Through enhanced sensation responds to virtually any sensory stimulus. The reasoning can not keep it, is very fast and gets confused. Thinking therefore no longer fits the reality. By collecting all the incentives and the fast train of thought also move and act uninhibited. This disinhibition is often so severe that people, sometimes for days, unable to relax.

Because he overestimated seriously, a patient will not notice too much of his body will be asked which can cause a severe depletion situation. Because of the unrest and the lack of concentration that characterizes mania, awards one is not enough time to eat and drink, what a depletion state in the hand can work. The sense of reality has been greatly reduced, along with a state of exhaustion to a life-threatening situation could result. Someone has to be seen in such a state both physically and mentally as a critically ill.


The behavior of a mania sufferer can evoke strong feelings of irritation because it no longer meets basic rules and norms. By disinhibition and inability to put themselves in the position of the other, a patient may be very hurtful to offer compared to those who help. In addition, it also has strong excitability will occur. A counselor will always have to take account of the inability of the patient to see the reality.

The strong incentive sensitivity requires a peaceful environment. During the most violent phase of mania will be relational not do much more than show an understanding behavior that the patient continues to experience that he is accepted. In connection with the strong turbulence and the disinhibition and tend to neglect themselves, there should be special attention to the physical care. The turmoil consumes much energy, so drink plenty of water and adequate nutrition are important.

Soothing and mood-stabilizing medications are usually essential to improve the situation.

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