Mallet Finger Splint - Treatment

What is mallet finger?

With a mallet finger is bent your fingertip. You can not stretch itself to the finger. With your other hand, you can push your finger right, but once you release it the finger bends again. This is because the muscle that you straighten your finger, is torn. That's called a ruptured extensor tendon.

A mallet finger does not hurt; so you should go there as soon as possible back to the GP. The longer you wait, the harder the finger heals.

To establish a mallet finger, the doctor feels your first finger. Thereafter, they may not make an x-ray to see if there is a piece of bone has come along with the tearing of the muscle.

The doctor finger splints to keep it straight. After four to six, sometimes only after eight weeks, the splint may go down again. With some practice, most people can use their finger over again just.

 With a mallet finger is bent your fingertip Mallet Finger Splint - Treatment

Treatment for mallet finger

The doctor treats a mallet finger with a splint. The splint keeps your finger extended. It is important that a doctor pulls the splint, because he has to sit well. You'll have to wear it for at least four weeks. You can remove the splint itself. Thereafter, the finger may be somewhat stiff. Then you need to do for a while exercises with the finger.

Remains even with a finger splint not be good law, then the doctor puts a temporary metal pin into the finger. This must be left for about six weeks. Afterwards, the doctor removes the pin from there. It may be that you have a few months of physical therapy and / or a splint need.

In the following cases, surgery is necessary:

  1. The mallet finger is due to a deep cut, in which the tendon is cut.
  2. Splints can not, for example, by a sensitive skin.
  3. The splint treatment does not help enough.

Even after treatment, a mallet finger remains generally stiffer than your other fingers.

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