Lower Abdominal Pain In Women

In chronic abdominal pain, there are long-term pain in the lower abdomen. In this brochure we describe what research the gynecologist can do, and what findings may explain the pain. Unfortunately, that is rarely an obvious cause for the pain is found. You stand over the question of how you can learn to deal with this pain.

What is chronic abdominal pain?

Abdominal pain is called chronic if the complaint is longer than 3 to 6 months. Often the pain has existed for years. Sometimes the pain (almost) present every day, sometimes a few days a week. The pain varies from woman to woman and sometimes even in the same woman. The pain may be continuous, in the course of the day change or worsening in attacks. Often it is difficult to predict when the pain occurs, though some women find that they sometimes suffer less from the pain, for example they are on vacation or relax in a different way more. The pain often go hand in hand with other abdominal symptoms such as abdominal distension. Sometimes there are problems with urination or defecation, and sometimes aggravates the pain during menstruation. Sexual problems are common. Also occur often sleep on because of the pain. In short: there is a big difference in symptoms in women with chronic abdominal pain. Often women worry about the pain: "It is not normal that I have so much pain!" is a common lament.

 lower abdominal pain in women

Do you experience prolonged pain in the abdomen, then the impact on your daily life sometimes great. You can get tired, despondent, become lethargic or worry: There's nothing bad going on? Some women do activities such as cycling, working outdoors, hiking or sex omitted because they are afraid that the pain will get worse. Although your partner and children know that you're in pain, you might talk less and less about, to them not ever bother with something they can not do anything. Some women feel guilty because so many things they used to do with pleasure, not succeed now. However, many women with these complaints still continue their activities until it really is not. They become exhausted and no longer see it sit.

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