Lose Weight And Ketosis

There are many ways to lose weight, not only with countless diets but also with numerous eetschema's. One of the possibilities is to lose weight through ketosis: a metabolic process that particularly in the case of low-carbohydrate diets is used. But what exactly is ketosis? What symptoms does anyone in ketogenic State and what is its impact on our body? How can you get in besides ketogenic State?

Ketosis, what is that?
Ketosis is caused by a large amount of ketones in the blood. Ketones are a waste product that is created by prolonged fat burning in the human body. As a result, a large amount of ketones in the bloodstream. Eventually the body than in ketogenic State. Ketosis has so concerned the metabolic process or the metabolic process of our body. So it is not a condition or disease.

How touches someone in ketogenic State?
To a lesser extent by longer time not to eat carbohydrates in strong or can anyone get in ketogenic State. It is important that the first two weeks less than 60 grams of carbohydrates per day is eaten. Because the body normally much carbohydrates, this is the primary energy source for our body. By the presence of this energy source for longer time limit should the body looking for another source of energy: fats. Within three days the body's cells then also that fats are used as its primary power source.

At first, someone in ketogenic State notice that his or her breath is smelling stronger, also can change the taste in the mouth. Usually this after the first few days been less. When someone is in for several days or weeks ketogenic state you may experience the following symptoms: more energy, better concentration, more stable blood sugar level and losing body fat, initially particularly around the abdominal area. There are also so-called ' ketosesticks ': these are small strips that can be demonstrated either through urine and to what extent someone in the ketogenic State because the strips of ketones in the urine measurement.

Effects of ketosis
The result of ketosis is that the person in the own body fat ketogenic State as an energy source will use. Basically this is a very natural process of the body: after all, in the distant past were potatoes, rice, bread and pasta are not in the current abundance. Another consequence of ketosis is that it restores the balance in the cells with regard to insulin sensitivity. Insulin is one of the hormones ie promotes fat storage in our body. By ketosis, cells more sensitive to insulin, which causes the body to make less of this hormone. This means including the fat storage in our body, making the notorious Yo-Yo effect at low-carbohydrate diets often considerably less.

There are hazards in ketosis?
In short: Yes. By burning fats create acids. When fats are used arise as its primary power source there so significantly more acids than the consumption of carbohydrates. This acidifies the body, which is especially detrimental to the kidneys and the heart vessels. In extreme cases this can lead to Ketoacidosis, a condition by a low pH value of the blood. By alternating to eat and drink plenty of fluids this acidification can be gone. Are the long-term (longer than six months) in ketogenic State is however not recommended by many doctors.

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