Impetigo Symptoms: What Is Impetigo?

What is impetigo?

Impetigo is a contagious skin infection. What causes impetigo?, The inflammation is caused by bacteria: staphylococci and / or streptococci. These bacteria penetrate easily into damaged skin.

It occurs mainly in children. People can also get impetigo when their skin is damaged by a skin disease like eczema or cold sores.

Impetigo usually self-limiting within a few weeks. Did you suffer a lot from it? For small spots helps zinc ointment. You can also ask your doctor to salve or tablets with antibiotics.

 Impetigo is a contagious skin infection Impetigo Symptoms: What Is Impetigo?

What are the symptoms of impetigo?

Impetigo is made up of groups of red spots on the skin. In the middle of the spots arise vesicles. The blisters break down so much so that the spots are moist. If they dry up, emerge yellow or brownish crusts. The places with blisters and scabs are expanding rapidly. The skin is painful and may itch.
When there are very many blisters, often people feel too sick. They have swollen lymph nodes and fever.
Some people, especially babies, have large blisters. This form of impetigo is called bullous impetigo. This is not so common.

Impetigo can occur at any part of the skin, but it is usually in the face.

In extensive impetigo can people get fever. Sometimes the lymph nodes in the neck are established.

Rarely, people with impetigo filter kidney inflammation.

How can you prevent infection with impetigo?

Impetigo is highly contagious. Here are some advice to make sure the impetigo does not expand on the body or to other people:
  1. Do not touch the spots as little as possible.
  2. Wash your hands regularly with a disinfectant soap, especially before and after touching the wounds.
  3. Use your own towel. Grab every day a clean towel.
Children with impetigo may safely to school or daycare. If your child is sick, please keep it naturally better at home.

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