Ichthyosis Treatment: What Is Ichthyosis?

What is ichthyosis?

Ichthyosis is a skin disease. In people with ichthyosis, the skin is extremely dry and flaky. The upper part of the skin (the horny layer) is much thicker than normal. The scaling of the skin may look like a fish skin. Therefore, the disease is also called fish scale disease.

There are different forms of ichthyosis. Most forms are inherited. Children have this skin disease than from birth or get the symptoms in the months or years thereafter.
The disease can also be caused by certain medications or nutritional deficiencies.

As the stratum corneum is thick and stiff in people with ichthyosis, can move hurt. The skin may burst. Sults more quickly than inflammation. Furthermore, the body becomes easily overheated. The body cools itself by sweating to an ex. By ichthyosis is sweating hard by the thick stratum corneum. Furthermore, the strong scaling hairs may not grow well. This results than bare spots.

With ichthyosis you get an ointment that makes the horny layer thinner or medications you take.

 The scaling of the skin may look like a fish skin Ichthyosis Treatment: What Is Ichthyosis?

Ichthyosis is hereditary?

Ichthyosis can be caused by another disease, certain medications, or shortages of certain foods.
But most are people inherit from their parents.
Ichthyosis vulgaris and epidermolytic hyperkeratosis inherit dominant. Lamellar ichthyosis inherited recessive.
Sex-linked ichthyosis occurs mainly in men, but is passed by women. Thus women can be carriers of this form of ichthyosis.

Forms of ichthyosis

There are probably more than twenty different forms of ichthyosis.

The most common form is ichthyosis vulgaris. The skin on the knees and the elbows very dry. A baby with this disease is born with normal skin. In the course of the first year of life, it becomes clear that the baby has ichthyosis. The skin begins to flake than light.

Another form is sex-linked recessive ichthyosis. Several months to years after birth born dander which often take the form of a pane of glass. This form comes only in men.

At the following forms are the symptoms there from birth:
  1. Lamellar ichthyosis (Harlequin-type ichthyosis). This may include the baby at birth in a tight shiny curtain. The membrane disappears in the first days to weeks. The skin that is red, and then emerging treatment for flaking is tight to the body. This is a serious disease. The baby has a very high chance of inflammation.
  2. Bullous ichthyosis. The baby large blisters. These blisters go away, usually without scarring. Arise later thick dark scales, especially on the trunk and under the armpits.

Treatment for ichthyosis

There are some good treatments.

In a mild form of ichthyosis, you can use a cream with urea or lactic acid. These ointments ensure that the horny layer becomes thinner and go dehydration of the skin. In severe forms tend ointments containing salicylic acid or propylene glycol required. These are means stronger than lactic acid.

In very severe ichthyosis, the doctor may prescribe isotretinoin tablets. This agent ensures that old skin cells disappear faster. Also inhibits the inflammation. The agent can be (serious) cause side effects.

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