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Heart Attack Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

What is a heart attack?

In a heart attack, no more blood is flowing to a part of the heart muscle. Usually this is caused by a clot in the blood (arterial thrombosis). The part of the heart muscle that no blood supply dies. This can be very dangerous. Therefore anyone with symptoms of a heart attack should be as fast as possible to the hospital.

What are the symptoms of a heart attack in men and women?
  1. severe chest pain. The pain radiates to the left (sometimes right) arm;
  2. heavy sweating;
  3. nausea;
  4. vomiting;
  5. white exodus;
  6. agony.
Do you have these symptoms, immediately for an ambulance. The ambulance crew will take you to the emergency department of the hospital. Here you get an electrocardiogram (ECG) and a blood test. It is clear that you have a heart attack you will get an angioplasty or treatment with medicines. The earlier start treatment, the better your prospects.

After the treatment you will be placed in intensive care in cardiac monitoring. You get painkillers and mostly blood-thinning medications. After about 24 hours you begin cardiac rehabilitation. You can go home after about a week. Then you have to come back a few times a week to the hospital for further cardiac rehabilitation. After about two to three months, you can just do it all again. However, it is wise to live healthy.

 no more blood is flowing to a part of the heart muscle Heart Attack Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

How do you get a heart attack?

Causes of heart attack:
Usually results in a heart attack by the clogging of a coronary artery. There are four coronary arteries. They are at the heart going. They provide blood flow to the heart.

The coronary artery is usually congested by arterial thrombosis due to arteriosclerosis.

Very occasionally results in a heart attack by cramps or spasms in otherwise healthy arteries. These spasms may be due to the use of certain medications or severe stress. But often the cause is unknown.

What are the signs and symptoms of a heart attack?

The following signs and symptoms are associated with a heart attack:
  1. an oppressive, constricting pain middle or on the left chest. The pain radiates to the left arm. Sometimes the pain radiates to the right arm to the back and / or jaw;
  2. white exodus;
  3. heavy sweating;
  4. dizziness;
  5. sometimes shortness of breath;
  6. nausea;
  7. vomiting;
  8. agony.
But it also happens that a person has no symptoms. This is called a silent heart attack. This type of stroke is most common in people with diabetes (diabetes mellitus) or high blood pressure. Also in the elderly is a silent infarction more common.

How is heart attack diagnosed?

To ensure that you have a heart attack, the doctor does the following examinations:
  1. She looks at the physical symptoms: Are you suffering from severe chest pain? You sweat heavily? Are you really sick? Have you given up? You see very pale?
  2. She makes an ECG or electrocardiogram (ECG). Usually a heart attack to see clearly on an ECG.
  3. They examine your blood. In a myocardial infarction in the blood to find various evidences of cardiac muscle degradation.
The blood test is usually decisive.

Treatment of myocardial infarction

Once it is established that you have a heart attack, you will solve an angioplasty or treatment with drugs that blood clots (thrombolysis).

After the angioplasty you stay a week in the hospital in intensive care. You get complete bed rest and will be situated on the CCU. You will be given medication for pain and probably aspirin and heparin (a medicine that prevents blood clotting). After 24 hours, you should be very careful what weather to move, for example, with your legs dangling over the edge of the bed. Later you will receive cardiac rehabilitation.

After about a week you should from the hospital. You will still have two to three times a week come to the hospital for cardiac rehabilitation. This takes two to three months.

After about two to three months, you can just do it all again. However, it is wise to live healthy.

Rules after a heart attack

After a heart attack, it is very important to live healthy. Reduces the risk of a new attack. What do you have to do?
  1. quit smoking;
  2. varied and healthy food (low fat and salt);
  3. sufficient relaxation;
  4. do not drink too much alcohol;
  5. half an hour of exercise per day.
Discuss with your doctor which sports are appropriate for you. You should not be too much to you, but not too little effort.
When moving too tiring for you is you need a break, especially if you experience dizziness or palpitations. In such phenomena, it is wise to consult with your doctor.

Have you seriously overweight, high blood pressure or high cholesterol? These are risk factors for a heart attack. Your doctor will advise you to follow a diet. Sometimes you get medication.

Many people who have had a heart attack, are very afraid of a repetition. Talk to your doctor, they will help you to learn to deal with this fear.

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