Healthy Foods To Lose Weight

Of course, there is no food that burns fat, but there are a number of food products that, due to their specific effect, make you lose weight faster.

 but there are a number of food products that Healthy Foods To Lose Weight

Soup and salad

If you are offered soup as an appetizer, you would prefer not to turn it off. Because if you eat a bowl of soup before you start your lunch, your hunger has already been quieted a bit. Tomato and broth soup give you a quicker feeling so that you absorb less calories during lunch. Low-calorie salads also have more or less the same benefit. Of course you have to make sure that it is a simple salad without greasy dressings, cheese or ham cubes. A low-calorie salad that only counts 67 calories contains, for example, two cups of fresh spinach leaves, lettuce or another type of lettuce, a normal tomato, ten cucumber slices and a cup of grated carrots.


Perhaps the best-known drink during a diet: water. Replace carbonated drinks with water and you will immediately feel another person. It is indeed proven that someone who drinks soft drinks, and therefore more calories, does not compensate by less to eat. On the contrary. Drinking soft drinks means that your body needs more calories. Consequence: you eat more. Therefore switch to water. It cleans you inside and drives away waste without you actually having to do something for it.


Yogurt is a milk product. That's why it's good to eat here every day. Scientists are not yet fully in agreement about the exact effect of yogurt on body fat. Some claim that it gives extra benefits when you diet, others claim it again. What is certain is that yogurt is hungry because of the many proteins. Of course, your choice is low-fat yogurt.

You probably never thought so, but beans can also help you well if you want to lose weight. See them as a low-calorie protein boost. This gives you a faster and fulfilled feeling and you will eat less. So create an extra portion of beans if you stay at the table longer and still have appetite.

Green tea

Did you know that certain types of tea produce slimming effects? Recent studies have shown that the catechins that you only find in green tea would cause your body to burn more calories.

Full grains

Like many other products, whole grains also give your body a boost. The easiest way to pick up enough whole grains is to have a bowl of cereal with whole grains every morning. Also eat a piece of fruit and your day has started well.

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