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Health Test And Medical Examination

What is a medical check up? 

Medical check ups come in different varieties. We mean studies for disease in people who have no complaints and have no increased risk of disease.

Even though a check up safe or comforting, you will not receive certainty about your life. Why does such a check up just often anxiety and tension.


A screening is a large group of people examined for a serious illness, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stress or depression.

A screening can detect these diseases at an early stage and therefore frequently deal better. But screening also have disadvantages:

-Most people under investigation have no health problems. And often no increased risk of that disease. As a result, there is little chance that the screening is a benefit for you.

-A screening may be deviations are found which actually have no meaning. For example, a blood level which is different than in other people. Many people have this kind of defects, without being sick. Yet then offered specialist examination to see if there is something going on. It is almost always a false alarm. However, these follow-up studies do provide stress and they cost a lot of money.

-Finally, it is known that the results of screening tests are not always accurate. So if you are under the screening has a (serious) deviation, which results should be checked. For this purpose, a new, expensive research. If there is nothing true, the outcome of the screening was 'false positive'. Meanwhile, you have a long time been concerned about your health.

 Medical check ups come in different varieties Health Test And Medical Examination

Individual check up 

There are private health clinics offering medical check ups for people without symptoms. Example, examination of the heart, urinalysis and an ultrasound of the abdominal organs. Also offer clinics MRI scans and X-ray exams. This is officially required from the Ministry of Health a license. This bypass the clinics by working with clinics abroad together.

These studies are mostly useless if you have no symptoms. Also, if you have an increased risk of disease is such a check up usually futile.

What could be a check up? Removal For example, true that you have a disorder that is not serious, such as a slightly elevated blood pressure. You are there perhaps much worry about, which is not good for you. Also, anomalies are found which later turn out to be. No abnormalities People are often examine one more time in an ordinary hospital. Since it appears that nothing is happening.

The chances of you having a check up detects a serious illness, is very small.

Are you worried about your health? Then you should make an appointment with your GP. Your doctor can properly assess whether certain studies are needed.

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