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Hay Fever Symptoms - Hay Fever Medicine

What is hay fever ?

Hay fever is a form of allergy. Someone with hay fever is allergic to certain types of pollen from grasses, plants or trees. Pollen grains are also called pollen.

As soon as the eyes, nose, mouth, throat or trachea of a person with hay fever come into contact with the pollen, the mucous membranes become stimulated. That can lead to complaints.

How is hay fever ?

Every human forms antibodies against pollen in his body. In a person with hay fever, the body reacts very violently as soon as the mucous membrane in contact with the pollen. It creates a 'exaggerated' immune response, making the mucous membranes swell and produce more mucus.

It is not known why some people are allergic to pollen and others are not. In some families, hay fever more than others. The predisposition for hay fever is already present at birth, but the symptoms occur only during the course of the years. Over time, the symptoms are falling. How long it takes is unpredictable.

What are the hay fever symptoms ?

*The nose may itch, making you sneeze a lot. You may also suffer from a stuffy nose or a runny nose. "
*Your eyes may itch, tearing or burning feeling.
*Your throat is dry and burning, whereby you have to cough. Sometimes there is a dry cough.
*Some people have a feeling of fullness in the head.
*Also, a feverish and tired feeling can be the result.

All these symptoms are not always caused by hay fever. You may also be allergic to other things, like cats or dust mites.

The symptoms occur during the heyday of grasses, plants and trees. Trees bloom earlier than grasses. Therefore, people with an allergy to tree pollen get early in the year (February to March) symptoms, while people with an allergy to grass pollen later in the year (May-June) suffer.

Some people have all season suffer from hay fever, others occasionally a day. The pollen spreads in the air, especially on sunny, windy days. The hay fever may be worse.

Outdoor activities such as hiking, biking and camping, can then give a lot of complaints.

 Someone with hay fever is allergic to certain types of pollen from grasses Hay Fever Symptoms - Hay Fever Medicine

Can hayfever evil ?

Hay fever can be very annoying, but it can not hurt. The complaints always seem to go back as soon as the pollen is gone from the sky.

Hay fever medicine

If avoiding pollen is impossible or insufficient help, you can use drugs. These are usually administered by a nasal spray. Muzzle before spraying your nose.

If you occasionally have allergy symptoms, you can use a nasal spray or tablets with antihistamines. The spray works within fifteen minutes, the tablets within hours. You do not need to use it. Antihistamines every day Take the drug as soon as you get complaints or if you expect to get complaints. If symptoms away for a while trying to quit again. Prolonged use can not hurt. The nasal spray and tablets usually also help with burning and itchy eyes. Some antihistamine tablets can be sleepy.

If you often or almost always have allergic or hyper-reactive symptoms, it helps a nasal corticosteroid best. Especially with a stuffy nose. Corticosteroids inhibit the sensitization of the mucous membrane. The drug works only after a few days. Use the spray at least four weeks, every day. Prolonged use can not hurt, but sometimes corticosteroids may make some fragile mucosa, causing it to bleed easily. If you have a few days away, the mucosa can recover. Then you can use the drug safely again.

In difficult to treat allergy symptoms can be a combination of antihistamines and corticosteroids may help.

More information about medications, visit apotheek.nl. Discuss your medication with your doctor and / or pharmacist.

Advice for hay fever

You can do nothing to cure hay fever. Well you can try to avoid. Touch with pollen as possible

*Please note that above all there is a lot of pollen is in the air on sunny and windy days. Indoors you as the least affected. Windows closed to prevent pollen within easy blowing.
*Via radio, internet (pollennieuws.nl or its app) and teletext, you can follow or much pollen is in the air.
*Wear sunglasses outdoors.
*Along the coast and in the mountains is less pollen in the air than in the interior. You can try this in mind when choosing your holiday destination.

What next for hay fever ?

Hay fever may years back, but decreases over years can usually off. The opinions listed and medications help to reduce the symptoms.

If you start with corticosteroids and the symptoms after four weeks have not been reduced, again please contact your GP. If the treatment helps, you can try after eight weeks or the same with less or without medication.

If symptoms increase as a result, you start again with the medicine. Also, long term use of antihistamines (nasal spray or tablets) and nasal sprays with corticosteroids or cromoglicaten can not hurt.

When contact with hay fever ?

Please contact your doctor:

*If you think you have hay fever and want to know more about the causes and treatment;
*If you want to know what you are allergic;
*If you have hay fever, and despite precautions keeps complaints anyway.

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